cropped-Screenshot-2017-09-05-01.20.55.png  I’m frustrated by what I don’t have at this point in my life at the age of 47-among these are a house.
However, I got it through my thick head that there are still things for which I should be grateful.

I have a fiancee who loves me.

I come from a familyline which has involved itself in American history several times;  such as hiding Jesse James before he was shot.  I am not quite sure, but it is possible that I might be related to Pat Garrett, who shot Billy the Kid.  I have to really research that before I know for certain.  However, the possibility is there.

I have two online publications-thanks to all of you out there.  I own cars which will become classics-mainly that big Plymouth you see and the Dodge Dart.

Not only did I survive meningitis, but I’m thriving-except for a few problems…which really get in the way of things: my hearing, my left arm, and my learning disabilities.

Maybe God the Father allowed Lucifer to do this to me so that I could be a true fighter for justice, as I would only be able to sympathize otherwise.

I have played, composed, and been the lead vocalist in a heavy metal band in Los Angeles, California during the height of the L.A. heavy metal explosion.  We didn’t make it, but we went through the experience.

I guess some of it makes sense now.

It’s kind of like that time when Jesus told Peter that Peter would later understand why he had to let Christ wash his feet.  Peter became more powerful in the end as a result of the strange experience.  In the same way, it’s possible  that the meningitis I acquired at the age of seven months old and numerous blows that I took to the head while I worked at Walmart (because the pallets broke) repeatedly through the more than seven years I worked there, make me a more compassionate person had I not gone through that.



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