This columnist has always been advised to be nice to the other side and to coax them to the Democratic view.

Have you seen how well it works?

The following is from Real Time with Bill Maher, aired on March 9, 2012.

This columnist sees no point in educating stupid conservatives who choose poverty over Democratic policies which would actually help them emerge into the middle class.  However, there are many Facebook amatures who want to continue to try and convince these inbred Wanda Sues and Jimmy Rays at the risk of being shot dead by the same.

While this columnist understands the heartless conservative who would rather do all he can to dodge taxes so that the children he believed have a right to be born starve a month later, this columnist laughs at the hillbillies who refuse to admit that Jesus Christ warned them about hating their brother, and he sees no point in donating relief efforts when those who despise the federal government beg for its help after they voted for a candidate who refused to reinforce their bridges and levees before the storm.

While that makes this columnist as sinful as those whom he criticizes, at least you read an admission.  The conservatives-especially those who are cultural conservatives-will never confess to their sins of bigotry and judgment of the unfortunate.

This columnist’s soul is not as clean as it should be, for this columnist is a failed human-but at least you read an admission.  There’s a lot of work to be done inside of him.  Maybe one day this columnist will bestow mercy upon the truly moronic and bigoted.  However, today is not that day.

Any right-wing piece of human garbage that wants to deprive impoverished American children of nutritious food should be beaten to a pulp and have his balls torn off by a pit bull, as far as this columnist is concerned.

Any right-wing piece of human excrement who denounces mixed marriages should be physically restrained and his face permanently tattooed a new color.

Any right-wing hypocrite who refuses to hire a developmentally disabled applicant full-time and with benefits should be shot in the spine in public-and forced to jog a mile.

This columnist may be wrong in expressing the emotions which he did.  However, Christ knows why this columnist holds the vicious views which he does and He also understands that this columnist is not spiritually advanced enough to say what He said as He asphyxiated to death.


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