I’m going to tell you who is directly responsible for the death of Net neutrality earlier this week.

I’m not going to blame the Republicans on this one, because I expect this kind of behavior from them.  It’s no shock that they want to censor everything that they can to keep you in the dark like a mushroom.

Do you know whose it fault it is?


Did you vote for Jill Stein?  She syphoned votes from Hillary Clinton.

Did you vote for Bernie Sanders?  He has long hated the Democratic Party and has been quoted to the effect.  Anyone who knows my website can just look it.

This now means we are going to have censorship on the American internet.  Suppose your child needs help with a science project.  Is there going to be any clear sign that the information will be accurate?

What about history?

Republicans have spent years trying to rewrite the past; turning Joseph McCarthy and Ronald Reagan into heroes.

Joseph McCarthy falsified information and used psychological torture on his victims in full public view.

Ronald Reagan?  He just traded arms for hostages-which is treason, in case you’re not keeping score at home.

George W. Bush let 3,000 people get slaughtered after he was told where Bin Laden was.

Thanks to you Sanders and Steiners, we now have to deal with this-and don’t ask me what to do, because I have told you what to do for about a year now, but you still want to light candles and sing stupid songs, and make your “great” speeches.  All that is a waste of time because it gets us nowhere.

Follow me, kids.  Forget your ethics.   Forget your morality, for all in fair in whatever has to be done by any means necessary.

Fine, be slaves to Trump, and see what I care.




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2 thoughts on “You American “Liberals” Are To Blame for the Death of Net Neutrality

  1. Hey Jim! This is one of your best articles yet! You place the blame correct. Those morons who didn’t vote for Hillary out of principle or whatever lame brain reason are at fault. Net neutrality would not even be an issue on the radar if we had the President we should have. So, thanks assholes. I hope you regret this for the rest of your miserable lives!

    1. The Democrats aren’t perfect, but the population is still too conservative in many areas of this country. Those who vote third party only make it harder for the rest of us. When someone tells me that they vote their conscience, I tell them that my conscience can’t allow another right-winger in the White House.

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