I’m Back

That’s right, I’m back.

Starting the Master’s program was a bitch and a half.   It’s like being in (what was in 1983) 7th Grade of junior high school again.

I have to get used to all of these logs, and the expectations are higher-like you have to maintain a B-average-or you’re on Academic Probation.

It’s a little freaky, but I think I will eventually figure this out.  Hey, I’ve done it before, right?

That’s where I’ve been for the past nine days, as I have been busting my ass catching up on homework while trying to figure this new system out.

The stakes are much higher-and they have to be.  Remember, I’m supposed to be a fucking professional.

Oops!  Blew that one right there, didn’t I?

I’ve got more blows to the head now than when I started in 2013, but I still think I can pull this off-mainly because I don’t have a choice.

Of course, I’m going to keep on writing.  This is who I am.  I’m not a professional with a tie.  I’m crappy at playing games, but I need a back up.

Teaching American History in the age of the Trump regime (especially with Net neutrality now being history) is going to be a scary thing, but I might have to do it for a while in order to get back to where I was before this seizure took me down.

Sure, I’m worried, but I still record everything-and I now have to rely on information outside of the United States even more than before, because the Trump regime is really cracking down on free speech.  I remember when my ex-wife and a former friend of mine disposed of many of my old newspapers-which went back to the 1990s.  They said they figured that it would be in history books.  However, I knew that the history books were going to begin to lie at some point-which is why I wanted to keep the newspapers in the first place.

I now find old news old the Net, copy it and put it to my One Note.

They should have listened to me, but….

And now, it’s happening-just like I thought it would.  I just hope it’s not going to be as bad as I think-but I’m not holding my breath on that one.

Oh, in case any of you are wondering, the vote at the Federal Communications Commission was 3-2… and Independents say one of the reasons they ‘vote their conscience’ is because one vote supposedly doesn’t make much of a difference.

Uh-huh, right.



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