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So, the Republican Party has decided to move forward with gutting the Americans with Disabilities Act, a law which was signed by a Republican president in 1990.  Of course, he was trapped by a Democratic Senate which would have overridden his veto, but it was a midterm election year, and George H.W. Bush needed to look good to the American voters.

Republican Senator Rand Paul of Tennessee favors local control.  However, we always see the consequences of the same when the federal government isn’t looking over your shoulder.  Desegregation laws were challenged in the South to the point at which we had forced bussing in the 1970s.  Now with Adolf Trump in the Oval Office and both houses of Congress controlled by the Nazis, there’s a very real possibility that this law could be repealed.

This law affects me, and it affects my niece.  I have learning disabilities and need extra time.  My niece has mobility issues from cerebral palsy.  Who cares about some idiot who drove over a bomb in Iraq?  Fuck him, because he did that to himself and believed the propaganda he was fed.

Furthermore, he didn’t find a God damn thing-except for a girl in Haditha to rape.  That’s about it.

What about children who want to learn and need more time?
What about children who have trouble with physical education because of their mobility issues?

These people are more important than some gung-ho jackball who made America look stupid in the eyes of the entire civilized world.  Let his family pay for his care and let’s get these truly disabled people (developmentally disabled and learning disabled) into the workforce so that they will become productive citizens.

Those of you who go to church and vote Republican are required by the Bible to help those with developmental disabilities.  1 John 3:17-18 is a very good example of the point.

Just Remember what happened to the rich man who refused to help Lazarus in Christ’s parable, and you know where your eternal destiny lies if you don’t change your party affiliation.

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