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2 thoughts on “Judge Others At Your Own Risk

  1. Spot on Jim. As someone who has been judged my whole life by others for my appearance, I can honestly say that because of that I judge no one. Ok, maybe republicans, but they have shown enough of themselves to mete a fair judgement. The judgment against me continues to this day and now includes not only appearance, but now my economic status. When you are dirt poor, you find out quickly, just what people think of you. Never mind that they don’t know the circumstances, you are suddenly beneath contempt. It’s a daily struggle to stay alive and try and keep your sanity. I admire you Jim. Keep on being you. It gives me hope that there is someone decent in this world.

    1. I judge those who judge-and I deliver very low blows. Turning the other cheek will only ruin your self-esteem and get you killed. I know from experience.

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