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Conservatives Are Funny


It’s funny when conservatives claim that liberals are mentally ill.
The reason for that is because I’ve never known a liberal to shoot up an entire street from a rooftop in Las Vegas or hit scores of people while driving a Dodge in Charleston.

Conservatives are the ones that resist change at any cost and conservatives are double-minded in that they want to own as many firearms as possible while pushing a “holy” book into our faces.

That’s funny, because Jesus Christ reprimanded His disciples for their collective fear during a storm in which they were sure that the boat on which they were aboard would capsize and that they would all drown:

New International Version
He replied, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm.”-Matthew 8:26

Among other hypocrisies, this is the kind of attitude is what destroys Christianity’s credibility.

Think about this for a moment.

If a Christian believes that God will protect his family, why is he a member of the National Rifle Association?

The reason why conservatives are more likely to be terrified is because their amygdala is larger (source:

This discovery was realized researchers at the University College London.  However, it really doesn’t matter how much information you give a conservative because he loathes academia (source:

It’s really funny by the time you get to the end of the movie, because there was once a time in which a conservative would challenge you by having you cite a source to prove your point.  The irony is that they no longer believe in peer-reviewed sources.  I mean, it’s either that, or they just don’t like hearing people ask a lot of questions in class, since conservatives tend to believe whatever they hear.

Fox.  That’s all the proof I need right there.

Furthermore, my amygdala is just fine.  I don’t fear newcomers or look around me whenever I hear a twig snap.

To conservatives who read this article, I ask you to try and rationally think this out, as the only bogeyman out there, conservatives, is the one that Fox created.  The one question left to ask is whether you believe whatever Fox tells you, or if you believe Jesus Christ.  And if you believe Jesus Christ, please explain your paranoia.

And So, It Begins….


And so, it begins, my journey into the world of Education… all as I hear Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall playing in my brain.

You already know that I’m conflicted about this, as I kind of see this as selling out.  However, I need a job which has union support-especially after what I went through both at Walmart and as a community trainer and respite worker for someone with autism.

One of the things I already realize is that I can’t do things the same way I did when I was a community trainer.   I can’t open the trunk of my car and show some bigot or bully that I’m not bluffing when I threaten to take his teeth out, break his knees, and bash his spine when he makes fun of someone who has a developmental disability-which was something no one in the Company ever knew that I did, otherwise I’d have been fired.  That’s kind of funny, because I found myself engaging in that very act almost every day that I went to work with the guy.

There were always some idiots, usually white trash or white suburbanite pricks, who told me that he needed to be put away in an institution.  Tommy is the only reason I didn’t do it, as he would usually take me out of the situation before the bastard who said what he said wound up twitching on the floor in a pool of his own blood-Tommy knew that I would do it, too.  He started out completely non-verbal, but he learned how to plead me to leave by saying the word go.

I suppose one of the funnier episodes is when this white woman clutched her daughter and pulled her closer (because Tommy was black).  She became verbally abusive after I informed her that the white sheets were in Aisle-5.

Of course I said that right in front of her daughter!  Would you expect any less of me?  I mean, come on!

I defended him every day by destroying anyone who taunted him, and no one ever knew about it.  That’s kind of stupid, firing someone for defending the client by any means necessary, but I digress.

Do I want to teach?

No, because it’s so politicized now that it’s hardly worth it.  However, it’s possible that I’m being driven in a position I don’t want to go to wait for the opportunity in my true calling-which is what I do right now…writing.

Maybe I’m supposed to do this teaching crap, not only to tell kids what really went down in recent American history (although they’re going to have to answer according to the textbook), but to teach and enforce the idea of diversity-which is a dangerous concept in the America ruled by the Trump regime.


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