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Don’t Tell Me That I Need To Give Someone A Good Beating For Not Understanding This!


Now, if you can’t figure this out, I may need to take you out into the alley.  That’s because those who need the most’ help voted for the very extortionist who’s going to throw them into the street.

It’s at that time that I’m obliged to kick you-just for being stupid.

Ronald Reagan crushed the unions in the 1980s, and yet union rank and file continues to vote Republican.

Today’s seniors who need Medicare vote Republican, and who knows why they do it  Frankly, I don’t care about why they do that anymore.  Let them sell all of the Friskey’s Buffett if Trump successfully destroys the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

Anyone who says that there’s no difference between the two parties needs to be sodomized with a broken Louisville Slugger.

The only people don’t blame too much are the one who simply don’t want anything to do with the voting process, and I can understand that position.

You get your forms, try to figure out the legalese, dump it in the ballot box, only to learn on the ten o’clock news that ballot boxes have been found in landfills-that’s what happened a couple of years ago in Denver, Colorado.

How do I explain the difference to the dummies?

“Look, the Republicans support the banks who throw you out into the street and the corporations who want to get rid of overtime pay.  The Democrats want you to have access to healthcare (for free, if it can get it), a living wage, consumer protection, and they want you to be sure that the food and water you put in you isn’t going to kill you.”

This seems simple to the rest of the civilized world.  However, I’m writing about Americans here; a group of people who don’t even wash their after they’ve been to the restroom anymore.

Someone help, because I need a vacation.



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