I’m about to go out and do something for someone I care about.

She lives in California, but everything she does means the world to me, and so I do everything I can to save her from this dark time in American history.

Relationships are a slow process, but they’re worth it.  I mean, my attention deficit doesn’t make things much better because I do things in an untimely manner.  However, but I’m still willing to face this one demon of mine and fight it, because I must, for her sake, figure out social clues and timeliness.

These factors are rare in 21st Century America, as everyone just goes from the bar stool to a motel room within a couple of hours.

I was never that bad.

For this to turn into a true and lasting relationship, I realize that I’m the one who must do most of the effort, and that’s because I already have my bachelor’s degree in psychology.  She is work ng on her own bachelor’s degree right now in addition to working two jobs.  I’m now working on my Master’s in Education, as I need a need a parachute.

I don’t want to teach.  I hate schools.  I hate administrators.  I hate rules.  However, I could need a union job.  While private schools may pay better, again, my issue with rules just doesn’t sit well.

I know what you’re thinking.

‘You hate the rules, yet you want the federal government to run everything.  Isn’t that being hypocritical?’

No, not really.  The reason why I like a large and powerful federal government is because we have bullies in this country who take from the disenfranchised and blame them for failing at anything when the victims never stood a chance in the first place.   That’s why I believe in complete federal control of society; because powerless people are freed whenever the abusers are put under control.

Were it not for that, I’d be a complete anarchist.

Think of it this way, child labor isn’t legal in the United States anymore, when it was a century ago.  This is an example of why you need a strong entity to put bullies in their place.

There, I have now explained myself.  I hate school, I don’t want to teach, but I may have to because my experiences in the working world have brought me to the conclusion that I need a union behind me if I’m going to have anything to do with the conventional working world ever again.

However, back to us.

This is just the way it’s going to have to be if I’m lucky to have her for the next fifty years.  I must wait for her to get what she needs academically and for her to be what she was born to be while I go out and either borrow a U-236 Space Modulator from Marvin the Martian or get into the union so that I can make a decent living.

Hey, I worked at Walmart-where you’re dead meat if you’re hurt.  That’s why I opt for joining a union the first chance I get.  Again, it wasn’t because I thought Walmart was the place for me.  The recession of 2008 was so like the Great Depression of 1929 that I simply had no other choice.  To be honest, I had hoped that I blew the interview there and that I wouldn’t be hired.

Imagine the sense of whoa I felt when I realized that I had been hired-for night shift.

Now you understand why I need a union.  I got I hurt and I was screwed by the Company as a result.

Worse case scenario, I’ll teach American History while I wait for her to finish her studies, if that’s needed of me.  That’s what you do when you care about someone-whatever you must do…even if you hate it.

That’s how much I care for her.

As for now, I text her at least twice a day, but I understand her work and school schedules, so I don’t worry.  I just look for a box of matches and a can of gasoline, as it were, just to make everyone’s day interesting.

I do things that very few people are willing to do anymore-especially in this area.  This explains the high divorce rate, as couples simply don’t see each other anymore.  She and I both want to knock ourselves out right now so that we don’t end up in that situation later.

We could take a vacation whenever we feel like it.

We could stay in until noon (which would be difficult for me, because I would still wake up on my own at eight in the morning after partying until 4:30 a.m.).

Neither of us like our current situations, but we keep in communication.  This crap isn’t going to last forever, but we just might.



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