It has been less three days since I changed my password for this site.


Did I write it down? Of course, I did, but it didn’t matter. I still forgot. I’m writing this via another way. However, I have a new problem now-anytime I think I have a new password, it turns out that it’s an old password.


I mean, what the hell do I have to do to remember these things? Nothing works anymore!


I know that the blows I took to the head when I worked at Walmart are mostly to blame for this, as the pallets would break and hit me on the top of my head. However, I also think the seizure which I had a decade ago is a contributing factor.


What is most interesting to me is that I wind up the same problem, even though I write down the new password. I did not have this problem with my memory in the past. What problems I did experienced had to do with SHORT-TERM MEMORY. It was because of this that people said: “You only remember what you want to remember.


The funny part is that those same people couldn’t understand why I would become livid upon their assumption-and they still don’t.


Here is where you come in.


You may know someone who experiences these problems, so this columnist recommends that you not make things worse by reasserting your false belief that the person with whom you are dealing doesn’t pay attention or doesn’t care.


That’s a clever way of being found by the police in an alley, bleeding profusely in the moonlight.


This person would not feel so frustrated if he didn’t care.  Actually, he wouldn’t feel any frustration.  It is your prejudice and your assumptions which cause the situation to deteriorate, and it’s going to be your own fault if this person puts you in the local intensive care unit, because anyone who makes assumptions should be beaten until they don’t move anymore.


The reason why some deserve to be beaten into a state of unconsciousness after making the assumption is because the person you say this to has dealt with this his or her entire life and has heard the same thing.  Furthermore, no matter how severely this person beats you, this person should not be arrested for any crime, as you committed the crime of discrimination.




People snap, so you don’t want to be the final straw.  The best way to avoid that is to help those who struggle with their memory problems.


I know that in my own case, calendars and alarms don’t work.  Why?  Because every day I wake up, I’m usually a day or two off, and in either direction on the calendar.  This is a direct result of the meningitis I suffered when I was an infant.  The only time I can figure out what day I’m living in is if I have a reference to go by-like what happened yesterday, for example.


I have used day planners.

Clocks don’t work worth a damn.

Alarms?  I usually don’t remember why I set them-unless it’s the same alarm every day.

Routine is the only thing which gives me any chance of remembering anything.


I used to have the same password for everything, because I knew that I would easily forget if I didn’t.


It’s happened anyway.


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