CNN reported Sunday that Charles Manson died at the age of 83.
He was the leader of the notorious “Manson Family” who killed nine people in four locations between July and August of 1969.

Found guilty in 1971, of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder, he was sentenced to the gas chamber.  However, the United States Supreme Court banned the death penalty in 1973, which put Manson in prison for life.

According to former prosecutor Vincent T. Bugliosi, these events were first called the Tate Murders before they were called the Tate-LaBianca murders.   Bugliosi said that Manson upstaged the events and they were suddenly called the Manson murders.

According to the CNN report, he was born in Cincinnati to a single teen-aged mother.

Manson said, “She (Manson’s mother) got out of my life early.  I spent the best part of my life in boys’ schools, prisons, and reform schools because I had nobody.”

He learned how to manipulate people into believing that he was a guru as the “Summer of Love” transpired in 1967.  The report went on to state that he shared a house with 18 women.  He promised to love and take care of all who came into his abode.

The Family moved south to Los Angeles, where they recorded the album, Lie.  However, by August of 1969, the carnage began, and the murders were committed.  The eight-month pregnant Sharon Tate begged for her life to avail, and the next night, the Family went to the La Bianca residence and did the same thing, writing the words “HELTER SKELTER” and “PIG” in blood on the walls.

Manson was denied parole every time he faced the parole board.  However, he didn’t seem to mind.  Manson seemed to be more comfortable being the center of attention in his cell.

He was also a great entertainer.

In his interview with Geraldo Rivera in 1988, Manson declared: “I’m Jesus Christ!  Whether you accept that or not, I don’t care!”




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