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Thank You For Trying Ending The War To End All Wars-If It Weren’t For The Stupid American Voters!




Let’s get one thing straight right now.   This is not Veteran’s Day, but Armistice Day.  This is the day when the Central Powers surrendered to the Allies, in which the last shot fired was at 11 a.m.

Do Iraq “veterans” deserve” the same recognition as these men?  Not after what they did to civilians in places like Haditha-not by any means.

“Hey!  Hey!  I’m a veteran, too!”

The only other American soldiers who earned the right to stand next to a doughboy fought in World War II and Korea, so fuck you!  You’re a rapist and a childkiller, you son of a bitch.

It’s like these American criminals want to be in what they think is some kind of a country club!   By no means!

Germany sank civilian ocean liners a century ago, and killed thousands in the process-you know; kind of like the American pilots when they did Shock and Awe in Iraq.

Unfortunately, the voters of the United States of America of the 1920s were partially responsible for World War II because the American people did not support President Wilson’s proposal of joining the League of Nations-which shows you how bright the American people are….

Not very.

That being stated, the American voters should just keep their misinformed opinions to themselves, because the consequences of our refusal to lead.  The refusal of the American people to heed President Wilson’s advice led to the deaths of their children in World War II.

Sadly, we have returned to the days when many Americans want to retreat from leadership-and we pay the price for it every time.  Furthermore, the idea of American leadership need not require that we bomb the living hell out of everything we see.

America should lead the world out of  wars, and not into them.


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