The New York Times reported Saturday that a female Air Force colleague of the Texas gunman who massacred parishioners in a rural Texas church feared him when they served together.

The questions which should be asked concern the roots of his psychological state, why he was allowed to serve in the military, and why he was allowed access to firearms.

The Times report states that he was a product of a trouble childhood and suffered from depression.  Those two factors alone will get almost anyone to shoot at anything if they are not rehabilitated.

However, this is Texas, a place where they believe beating the crap out of children is normal behavior, where Dr. Phil McGraw is probably considered a product of Satan (even though I know he is a Christian man who seems to live his life the way the Bible instructs him), where guns should be allowed in church, and where God is all you need-and a bulletproof vest.

Weird place.

This what happens when children are not psychologically rehabilitated and when parents are not closely monitored by the government.

Given the number of mass shootings in the recent past, there is no doubt that we will see more of these preventable tragedies; preventable in the sense that government needs to monitor how parents “discipline” their children (as numerous studies on both sides of the Atlantic proof that spanking only makes the situation worse), preventable in that the availability of guns is out of control, preventable in that concealed-carry laws do not work (otherwise 26 people in Texas would still be alive), and preventable in that we need to make healthcare free for all people.

Oppose these common sense ideas, and this columnist could care less what happens to you or your family, because mass shootings are totally preventable.  All society has to do is to enact stricter gun control laws and heal the people it broke before those people do something tragic.  Don’t punish people for their feelings, but help them move on from their painful past-which is a very difficult thing to do.

Maybe society should be looking in the windows a little more often.

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