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I haven’t said the Pledge of Allegiance since the Iran-Contra scandal, and I probably will only say it once more: when my woman becomes a citizen, but probably never again after that.

The injustice that Colin Kaepernick continues to endure is just one reason why, as the Supreme Court decided that one does not have to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance-and this is before ‘under God’ was added in 1954.

Most people in the United States are not interested in justice, or there would more police officers being executed for framing or shooting innocent people.   That being stated, it’s perfectly acceptable to shoot cops, as you don’t know who the good ones are-assuming that there are very many left.

I know of one, but I wonder if he goes easy on me because I’m white.

Anyone who stands for the flag is a fake patriot-especially if they buy a foreign car.  Real patriots buy American-made products-and don’t make excuses, because they exist if you know where to look.  Go to and kiss my ass before you scream at Colin Kaepernick, because he isn’t the problem, his critics are.  Donald Trump is.  Every white person who hates him is.

Furthermore, it was a U.S. soldier who suggested that he kneel out of protest.

Colin Kaepernick is one of the greatest heroes in American history because he kneels for his beliefs and he donates his money to the poor.  Colin Kaepernick is equal to Nathan Hale because he has only one life to give for his cause.

Most whites would not do what Kaepernick has the courage to do, because they love their paychecks too much.  Whites are conformists.  Whites don’t think any further than their front yard or their cubicle, and they believe whatever the right-wing media tells them.


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