Tom Petty gave us great material over the years, but what happened in those final moments before he checked out?

What was in his mind when everything began to shut down?

Did he think about the hits he made?

Did he think of Roy Orbison and George Harrison of the Traveling Wilburys, who had passed before him?

I first became familiar with his music in 1981, when he and Stevie Nicks recorded Stop Draggin’ My  Heart Around-and I had already had a huge crush on Stevie Nicks as it already was…ever since the 1977 album from Fleetwood Mac, Rumours, was released. Speaking of Stevie Nicks, that woman gave me one of my first erections back then-and I was only seven-years-old.

However, back to Tom.

He was one of Southern Rock’s last big bangs.

He was able to change with the times, yet still stay as he was-which very few acts can do successfully.

I had always wanted to see one of his shows, but never had the chance to go-and now there’s no chance of seeing the last dance.




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One thought on “Tom Petty R.I.P.

  1. You know, it’s funny. Tom Petty and many others were never on my radar when we were younger and they were at their height of popularity. But, as I have grown older, and hopefully wiser, I have come to appreciate not only Tom’s music, but the music of so many others that meant nothing to me at one time. I too, wish now that I could have seen him perform in person. Could, shoulda, woulda. I’m going to try to not pass up on some chances to see and appreciate those whom I should have long ago. RIP Tom. Keep on free falling.

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