Everyone on Earth knows that the United States of America is full of crap, which is fewer nations give half of a damn about the rhetoric we spew.

Oh, there’s our crap about the idea of our supposed respect for human rights when Republicans want to starve impoverished children by eliminating social programs while the members of that very political party want rape victims to be forced into motherhood at the age of 10 (remember Mike Huckabee’s comments regarding whether or not a ten-year-old has the right to an abortion?  That bastard wanted her to continue with the pregnancy!), but there’s much more-like when your religious family members unfriend you, or even block you on Facebook because they’re hypocrites who refuse to understand what you have been through.

Some of you know exactly what I mean.

They tell you that they cannot stand your language and your blasphemy, but only address your issue by giving you that $1.98 response; that Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven-which they believe exempts them from any responsibility toward those who have been hurt by their cult.

The funny thing is that’s not what Jesus Christ did.

He saw the pain in those who screamed blasphemous rants.  Those whom He went after were the religious leaders-like the prostitute whom the Sanhedrin wanted to execute on the charge of adultery.

Widows and other single women of the time who had no other means were forced into prostitution by economic necessity, as there were no government programs for them.  Furthermore, Christ knew that these men used her, which is why He replied that only those among them who were without sin could cast the first stone.

In my particular case, Christians bullied me to the point of suicide.  In fact, Gene Simmons of Kiss demonstrated more concern for me than any Christian ever did up to that point.

Now, to be fair, my grandparents never knew how bad it was, because they would have kicked asses had they realized the extent of the damage-which continues to reverberate 35 years later.

I could see my grandmother walking into that Christian concentration camp with a broom and a loud voice: “Who hurt my Jimmy?!”

It was too late by the time she began to realize how much harm had been inflicted, because she saw the inverted crosses in my room and everyone knew that I burned candles all over the house-while I blasted Venom through the speakers.

My cousins, though, would rather address my behavior than the reason behind it.

One of my cousins with regard to this issue is in law enforcement-and we all know how they solve problems, don’t we?

Cops use permanent solutions to deal with temporary problems-which is why they get sued practically every day.

Another cousin shacks up,  yet once told me that she and God are good-and I’ve never lived with a chick outside of marriage because I understand that the chances of divorce skyrocket threefold as opposed to not living together before marriage.

The only one I can think of who might give a damn is a teacher in Oklahoma.  We talk on and off, and I do have to admit that she has been kind to me on occasion.  I don’t know how much she understands about traumatic brain injury, but I do thank her for being there for me when I thought for sure that I knocked someone up.

I was disappointed when her period came, because I would have married her, as I honestly loved her.

Don’t ask, okay?  Cultural differences.  That’s all I’m going to say.  She’s an adult, but not allowed to make her own decisions at the age of forty.

Man, the Father is one hypocritical son of a whore, isn’t He?  And the funny thing is that Christians are told to allow marriage if people are getting older and want to do so, and it also states not to place faith in wealth.

So, why do Christians judge men by their pocketbooks before they know the reasons behind their economic situation?

My grandparents got married on Christmas Day in 1929.  The stock market had crashed two months prior.

I highly doubt Horace had a ton of money to spoil Irene.  Come to think of it, I don’t think they were ever able to have their official honeymoon throughout their 68 years of marriage.  Oh, they had their vacations, but no trips to New York City or Hawaii.

They went to Iowa-really romantic, right?

My cousins have no idea how spoiled they are-especially the one who is a cop.  Sure, it’s only Facebook, but tell me who would Jesus unfriend and block.

Exactly, no one..

Family sucks.

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