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Of Course It’s All About Hate! Either Put It in a Museum or…BURN IT!

Americans have heard the great Southern lie that their banner of treason is only about heritage and has nothing to do with hatred, which is…

Monday, October 30, 2017

Of Course It’s All About Hate! Either Put It in a Museum or…BURN IT!

Americans have heard the great Southern lie that their banner of treason is only about heritage and has nothing to do with hatred, which is really quite interesting when you read what the designer of the Confederate flag said about it.

That being stated, those who fly that Anti-American rag of treason are a product of inbreeding or simple stupidity.  To be honest, it truly might be a bit of both.  This is because interracial marriage was illegal-even after Loving v. Virginia (1967).  What was truly sickening is that these laws still remained on the books long after the landmark Supreme Court decision.  In fact, the Huffington Post reported that Alabama was the last state to repeal its anti-miscegenation law in 2000.

It is illegal to fly the Nazi flag in Germany, although it can be viewed in a museum-which is where the Confederate flag belongs-if not on a pile of wood to be burned with the group of “Southern Knights” that like to display it.

This flag isn’t just offensive.   It’s a symbol of murder, and anyone who supports public display of the same should be labeled as a traitor of the United States of America and take a one time visit to a free Thirteen-Step program that is guaranteed to cure him of his hateful heritage.

You lost.  Get the fuck over it.

Progressives Are Destroying the Left Because the Country Isn’t Ready For Their Ideas.

There is only one thing wrong with the Democratic Party today, and we all know what the problem is: those who call themselves progressives.

Honestly, there was a time when Americans supported progressivism; back when meat companies sold rotten meat without government oversight, back when football players lost their lives during the game, back when women won the right to vote, and so forth.

For progressivism to work, most of the voting population must arrive to the same conclusion; namely that there must be reform.  However, this is where the similarities end.

We have naïve people who truly believe that the problem is corrupt politicians.

So, what?  Do these people want a raise in the minimum wage, or don’t they?   If that’s the issue of concern for that bloc of voters, no one should care about the eighteen-year-old intern who did a little extracurricular in the office so that she could afford to go to college.

The guy just raised the minimum wage.  Thank him and be happy about it.

The American people truly trusted their government to protect them from the corporate machines-and this was especially true after October of 1929.

However, this was the last generation to trust the federal government’s wisdom in guiding the country, as the baby boomers, the most spoiled generation on Earth, never understood why Dad was always at work and why Mom was practically unconscious.

They had no idea what their parents went through as Dad went from town to town in a futile search to sell apples for a nickel.  Hence, these broken condoms who simply went into the wrong orifice never quite caught on to the idea of saving money.

The funny part is that this pathetic generation that: ‘turned on, tuned in, dropped out.’  That’s okay, because they’re paying the price for that now.  Isn’t it unfortunate that they didn’t think enough to teach their children well, because their children fell for Bernie, and that will put us right back into the situation we had in 1929.

Well, you will, but I won’t.

I remember when I was a delegate at the Colorado Democratic Caucus.  The Bernie people were rude, shut the event down several times, and never allowed Hillary Clinton delegates to speak.  They were worse than children.  They wanted to change the rules which they Democratic Party has had in place for decades.  They only wanted to argue with people; and labelling us as ‘not being liberal enough’.

What is truly delusional is that they still believe Sanders would have beaten Trump.

Today, on Facebook, they try to steer the Democratic Party in an unwinnable direction, as they attempt to tackle issues which no one at the dinner table understands: corporate fraud, disastrous of deregulation, and the end of birth control and civil rights for Americans with Disabilities.

These obstructionists need to be evicted from the Democratic Party, not because of their ideas, but because the voting public is not ready to accept their ideas.  In the end, all the Bernie Sanders wing will do is to stick with a theocratic fascist government which is further to the right than it already is.


Bernie Isn’t the Left’s Messiah

Bernie isn’t the Left’s Messiah

I Feel Sorry For Those Who Attempt To Carry Out The Great Commission

Great Commission

Americans Need To Tell The Truth About How They View Mental Illness


Americans Need To Admit Their Hypocrisy With Regard To This Issue


Just so that you know, I am moving to Blogger on Google.  I’m still going to be the same unrepentant liberal you have come to expect.  However, I have decided to try something new.

Here is where I can be found now:

Thank you, and I hope to see you on Blogger at


Jim Rousch

You Don’t Have To Stand For The Flag or Say The Pledge of Allegiance




Here is the question:

I haven’t said the Pledge of Allegiance since the Iran-Contra scandal, and I probably will only say it once more: when my woman becomes a citizen, but probably never again after that.

The injustice that Colin Kaepernick continues to endure is just one reason why, as the Supreme Court decided that one does not have to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance-and this is before ‘under God’ was added in 1954.

Most people in the United States are not interested in justice, or there would more police officers being executed for framing or shooting innocent people.   That being stated, it’s perfectly acceptable to shoot cops, as you don’t know who the good ones are-assuming that there are very many left.

I know of one, but I wonder if he goes easy on me because I’m white.

Anyone who stands for the flag is a fake patriot-especially if they buy a foreign car.  Real patriots buy American-made products-and don’t make excuses, because they exist if you know where to look.  Go to and kiss my ass before you scream at Colin Kaepernick, because he isn’t the problem, his critics are.  Donald Trump is.  Every white person who hates him is.

Furthermore, it was a U.S. soldier who suggested that he kneel out of protest.

Colin Kaepernick is one of the greatest heroes in American history because he kneels for his beliefs and he donates his money to the poor.  Colin Kaepernick is equal to Nathan Hale because he has only one life to give for his cause.

Most whites would not do what Kaepernick has the courage to do, because they love their paychecks too much.  Whites are conformists.  Whites don’t think any further than their front yard or their cubicle, and they believe whatever the right-wing media tells them.

America’s Hypocritical Position on Traumatic Brain Injury




You may be like me in that you have a tough time controlling your temper.

None of that ‘count to ten’ crap works for you, either, does it?

Yeah, that’s what I figured.

The problem may be that your frontal lobes might be compromised, if not destroyed to some extent.   Worse, the more you try to explain the situation, the more you are dismissed-which is why I have no sympathy for  who don’t hit the dirt or find a place to hide when someone’s breaking point has been cracked and they exercise their Second Amendment rights in Las Vegas.
According to Sanford University, the prefrontal cortex is associated with higher attention, cognition, following society’s rules, and controlling one’s impulses (source: Stanford, Zero to Three, January 2009).
I know how I get when things don’t work after I follow the written instructions-get out, and get out now.

t has gotten worse over the distance of time, due to the number of pallets which hit me in the head when I worked at Walmart.  I can feel it, but I can’t stop it.  I scream obscenities, punch walls, and floor the pedal on the car.  And when I’m accused of having a bad attitude, that’s when you’re playing with matches, as all I am is the spilt Unleaded 93 because there’s a line of gas that leads straight to the pump.

Talk about your Terrible Herbst!

With all the discussion about the traumatic brain injuries suffered by idiots who paid no attention to the road en route to Fallujah or Tikrit, it seems that Americans should express at least some benefit of the doubt toward those of us who didn’t engage in murder via the United States government during the Iraq War.   We  all know they’re going to get that benefit of the doubt when one of them stands on trial for murder, but what about the rest of us who suffer from the same condition through no fault of our own?

Rehabilitation is the answer, not incarceration.  If this society is going to allow rapists in American military uniforms to walk free because they drove over a bomb, Americans who got traumatic brain injury by illness or accident should be afforded the same courtesy.

Tillerson calls Trump For What He Is

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