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Why Townhall Meetings Are A Complete Waste of Your Time




I just received a text from Team Internet about if I whether or not I want to go to a town hall meeting and ask a question about Net Neutrality.

Are you fucking kidding me?  Anyone with a brain knows that the any answer you will hear from these jackballs will either be doublespeak, legalese, or pure bullshit.

Why would any liberal take part in any kind of town hall meeting today?  Well, maybe the peaceniks feel like they want to do everything they can.  The only problem is that they’ve already tried that-and it didn’t work.

Republicans throw people out of town hall meetings now, and the American media is owned by the right.  These suits know that most people on the left are so naïve that they’ll accept any answer.

I just ask another question-and then another, and another, and another.  I finally get escorted out of the place.

Oh, it’s not that I yell, or anything.  It’s just that the suits realize they’re dealing with someone who pays attention-and they don’t like that.  They like lemmings, and they can tell that I’m too intelligent to be one of those.

One answer just causes me to ask to clarify that answer-and in plain verbiage.  “Well, without the legalese, can you just flat out break it down for the audience, sir?  I mean, I just want you to be on the record.”

Okay, I think we’ve heard just about enough of this troublemaker.

That’s what they think, anyway.

Twenty-five years ago, whatever answers I didn’t get at the town hall meeting were rhetorically discussed in another letter to the Editor.

My suggestion is to quit the bullshit, which is what these townhalls really are.  If you insist on asking these liars a question, try it with a Louisville Slugger in your hand.  Let’s see how honest they’ll become.

The purpose of these meetings is to say anything to shut you up, because they figure you’re just a simple dolt, that you’ll believe anything they tell you, and that you’re going to forget the whole thing six months after they have changed the rules without your even realizing it.

Not me, I pay attention to these motherfuckers-and that’s why I get annoyed with these town hall meetings.


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