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Fuck The American Flag Until Further Notice!



Just so you know, I haven’t said the Pledge of Allegiance since Ronald Reagan traded arms for hostages. As of this moment, I refuse to stand for that hypocritical banner UNTIL FURTHERNOTICE.


Let Iraq veterans pay for their own problems, as the war was based on a lie and they engaged at their own risk. What’s more, it wasn’t a particularly good move on the part of conservatives to question the patriotism of those who honestly disagreed with the war.

That being stated, those assholes should be on their own.  Instead, this nation should help people with DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES become independent before the Republican Party guts all the social programs.

Conservatives believe liberals hate America because liberals think, while conservatives simply goosestep in formation.  You can’t really blame them, however.  I mean, you might believe the same thing if your amygdala was fucked up, too.
Remember when Trump said, ‘law and order’?

Conservatives can’t live without the letter of the law.  They lack the intellectual capacity to think outside the physical realm.

Conservatives also cannot live without order.  They are slaves to a machine and they are too stupid to know it.  Anything or anyone which challenges their understanding of order is a threat to them.  This is one of the reasons why conservatives are racists, homophobes, and have the tendency to burn a cross when someone of a different religion moves into the neighborhood.

Don’t pity a bigot.  Just get him with your Dodge before he gets you with his.

Lastly, unless any critic of this post drives an American car (and I do), there’s nothing to more to discuss about the subject.

The 1989 Supreme Court decision, Texas v. Johnson, states that I can BURN IT if I’m pissed off enough…. don’t tempt me. I’ve done it MORE THAN ONCE!

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Just Resign, Trump. Not Even America’s Team Listens To You

It’s time for Donald Trump to just fucking resign.

When the owner of “America’s team” kneels alongside his players during the national anthem, it pretty much sends the message that the American Hitler’s red armband has been stripped of its swastika, and that anything Donald Trump says can be ignored.

After all, Trump is nothing more than a third-rate television personality who is only known for saying two words. So, what’s he going to do? It’s not like he can fire everyone on the Dallas Cowboys and arrest Jerry Jones.

Trump’s too much of a cuck to do that.

He throws tantrums like a toddler and fucks with a fourth-rate dictator to try and prove his machismo. The only problem is that even his wife owns his fucking ass!

Remember when she had to remind Donny to put his hand over his chest?

Hey, Trump! You can’t do shit because of Texas v. Johnson, you Nazi fuck!

You may have bought the 2016 Presidential Election, but you have no right to tell us what to do-especially since you break labor laws, you fucking cuck!

World leaders ignore you.

Most of the country realizes you suck.

This columnist wouldn’t be surprised if a good number of our military personnel would rather take orders from General Custer than from your worthless, motherfucking ass!

What began as a mere protest started by one man has now become a movement-all because you opened your Nazi mouth, Adolf Trump!

A president is supposed to lead, and Donald Trump, a business owner with multiple bankruptcies, couldn’t lead cows to a God damn slaughter house.

He promised to be a president to all Americans, but he’s only been a president to those who are the most bigoted and the least intelligent.

And to Donald Trump, the gig is up, cuck. It’s time for your fucking ass to resign. No one cares what you have to say.

The Europeans ignore you, North Korea laughs at you, and professional athletes simply take a knee.
Your word, Mr. Trump, isn’t worth the toilet paper you use to wipe with.

Fuck off and resign, because it is you, Mr. Trump, who has devalued, not only the American flag, but American leadership, as well. You promised to make America great again. Hm. It seems if I remember that someone promised to make Germany great again-and he was a phony, too.

You see, Hitler was born in Austria.