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So Fucking What if Democracy’s Corrupt? What Are You Willing To Do To Maintain Your Civil Rights?




Have you ever tried to educate a Berniebot on how politics works?

If you have, you can relate to the frustration and the amount of education you have to give them-only to get rejected at the end of the discussion.

Voters are why I have no faith in democracy, as they choose confusion, “corruption,” to disappointment as excuses-and that includes BERNIEBOTS.

Corruption has always been a problem in democratic governance-ever since Athens and Rome.

So fucking what?

The American political process is corrupt.  However, ridding democracy of corruption would only benefit the Republican Party, because those who make up the Republican base are so ignorant that they will vote to legalize fortifying drinking water with hemlock.

I actually like the fact that there is corruption in our democracy. Think of who would be railroaded if we were stupid enough to force any reform.  Republicans would be able to hide all of their corruption and their lies, and it would only be Democrats who would pay a price.


Because of Bernie Sanders, Obamacare is in trouble, which means that people will be rejected for health insurance due to pre-existing conditions.

Because of Bernie Sanders,  the Americans with Disabilities Act could be repealed
Because of Bernie Sanders, the LGBTQ community could actually lose their civil rights.

There are more important issues to address than corruption, and there are better ways to fix corruption rather than using the tainted voting process, in which computer chips flip votes and many ballots never make it to the registrar’s office.

Of course, I love it when the ‘bots shrug everything off by stating that they voted their conscience-which is one of the most irresponsible statements anyone can make, especially when one considers the consequences of a Republican White House.

Those who unapologetically voted for Sanders or Stein need to be expelled from the Democratic Party, as all they do is give bankers and killers an easy victory.  I would even take it a step further by only allowing Republicans and Democrats on the ballot.

Isn’t that how the Champion Game works?  Are there three teams, or just two?

Thank you.

Democracy is corrupt.  Big deal.  The alternative is being forced to carry a rapist’s seed to term or losing the minimum wage.

Grow up or shut up.  If you can’t vote for the Democratic candidate, just shut up.




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