Let it be known that I get really sick of these Berniebots, and I wish other Democrats did, as well.

They accuse of you being a Republican the very minute you disagree with them.  The problem is that they are not grounded in any sense of reality.

There’s no argument that our healthcare system needs to improve, but Americans just simply aren’t ready for the changes that are needed.  They don’t realize that there are already elements of socialism in our economy-elements that they really can’t live without.

Social Security!  Hello!

Medicare!  Duh!

However, Americans hear the term ‘single-payer’ or ‘public option,’ and they just about lose their chocolate pudding in their shorts.  This is why the Democrats have to remain center-left.

Remember when President Bill Clinton tried to get healthcare done back in the 1990s? Remember Harry and Louise?  That derailed the whole fucking thing.  Americans supported the idea-until they saw the Harry and Louis commercial.

So now, the Republicans want to try to derail Obamacare again.

We all know they’re doing this because President Obama is black.  Were it President Clinton, they would have left it alone.  The Republicans simply want the American people to have no memory of the time when we had a two-term black president.

To its credit, the American news media has turned this vote into an episode of As The World Turns, but these Berniebots aren’t helping things.  If anything, it seems quite clear that they are willing to destroy a party which has existed since Thomas Jefferson if they don’t everything they want.

This makes Berniebots worse than Republicans.

It’s time for the Democrats to blacklist every Berniebot who continues to sing Sanders’ praises-especially since Sanders received money from the National Rifle Association in 1990.

Oh, you didn’t know that?

Bernie Sanders took money from the NRA in 1990

Take it easy.



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