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Fanatics Want To Brainwash You Into Believing A Debunked Lie

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Remember that ignorance is a hell of a lot more expensive than this article you just read.




Another ridiculous website, which was created by a religious fanatic, currently spreads the lie that Earth is flat when we now know otherwise.

This is truly sad, because not all religious people fall for this lie.  This guy knows damn well that Earth is round, he’s just using his “authority” to milk the ignorant out of their money.  What’s even worse is that we have more people in the United States who believe that Earth is flat than we have in centuries!


Even Pope Francis I knows Earth is a sphere, so there’s no reason for people to believe otherwise!  This is ironic, as it was the Catholic Church which accused anyone of a spherical Earth of heresy.

You can’t completely blame the hucksters, however.  The truly stupid have to take responsibility for believing this garbage because they don’t investigate the facts.  They refuse to question.

We all know that a society is worse off when the masses accept statements about the forces of nature without question.

We have destructive organizations, like the Flat Earth Society, who want to brainwash children into believing that Earth is flatter than Grandma’s tits!  However, the evidence is right before us.

Apollo 8, December 24, 1968


There it is; proof that Earth is a sphere.

People used to be burned at the stake for possessing this knowledge, and we cannot allow religious fanatics to brainwash the naive.  That which has been scientifically proven must continue to remain scientifically proven, and that which is propaganda from any religion must be censored.  If debunked ideas are allowed to spark, they spread like a California brush fire in November.

What are they going to tell us next; that 2 and 2 aren’t 4?

They might as well.  However, there are two sad facts about that idea.

The first reality which should turn one’s stomach is that there are actually people who would believe that kind of nonsense.  What’s even more frightening is that those same people are allowed to vote.



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