It’s known that the first five years of your life determine who you’ll probably become, and Dylan Lipton-Lesser of Chesterfield County, Virginia has already gone through a lifetime of physical hell in his first five years of life.

However, on the bright side, Dylan has been surrounded by very supportive people who want to see him go as far as he can.

This little dude is a fighter.

He attended his first day of school this week-after 22 brain surgeries!

Dylan was born almost three months early.

He had hydrocephalus, bleeding in his brain, and infections.

His mother, India, declares her son’s progress to be a miracle.  However, she should be credited for all of her hard work in preparing Dylan for school.  After all, parents help their children make it or fall.  That’s because this is the hypocritical United States of America, the land of “opportunity”-but only if they like you and take the time to understand your situation.

Dylan is pictured in the article with a smile and his little rolling yellow friend.  He looks like he’s happy, which is absolutely fantastic.  That indicates the beginning of a positive life outcome. The entire family has to keep his streak going.  The neighborhood in which he lives must assist the family.  After all, it takes a village.

When who deals with a developmental disability has a support network,the chances of that child’s success improve immensely.   Members of the support network believe in and foster abilities while they help conquer difficulties.

This is a big improvement compared to times past, back in times past when parents had to fight schools and school districts to give their children access to a public education.

We can thank liberals for defending the developmentally disabled.

Dylan has already exceeded expectations-just by surviving.  That being stated, he has already beaten the devil-at five.

Let’s all help Dylan make it.  Give him the same shot that you would anyone else.  Flatten anyone who makes fun of him.  Help him do well in school.  Make him a star in life so that he can be an example to others.

This kid’s gonna make it, man.


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