Another white pig has been found innocent of murdering another black man.  This time in St. Louis.

Why do you have to shoot someone five fucking times?

Conservatives will point to the high-speed chase.  However, that’s no excuse for the murder.  They will also agree with the Metropolitan Police Department’s position that the protest was “no longer peaceful” and that they should have been sent home.

I don’t think so.

It doesn’t matter whether the protest was peaceful or violent.  The truth of it is that the cops are simply tired of seeing black people walk the streets as free men and free women.  The white cops truly don’t like that.  In fact, white people in general truly don’t like that.
And they really don’t like it when blacks assert themselves by promising: “If you kill our kids, we will kill your economy.”

This columnist states that they should do exactly as they promised.

It’s time for whites in St. Louis to suffer as blacks have.  It’s time for the police to expend resources to the point at which they can no longer do so-until St. Louis is broke!

They shouldn’t stop at downtown.  They should spread carnage into the suburbs, where those of the white underbelly believe they are safe.  That’s the way to protest.

Take the most expensive homes, scare the living hell out of everyone until people reach the point where the whites finally admit that they need to change their attitudes with regard to others.

The funny thing is that I’m that 47-year-old white male who is supposed to be a conservative Republican by now.  However, the more I learn, the more I realize that only a fool votes Republican and only a fool wants law and order.

Take away justice, and your law and order will be gone before rush hour.

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