Even with America and Russia sticking their tongues out at each other from across the Bering Strait, there’s still time to have a little bit of fun as if Wigboy hadn’t stolen the 2016 election.

The metal of the 1980s never really left Moscow-and Perfect Wig is a perfect example of that.

These dudes fucking rock, and they do visit L.A. at times.  I’d be able to see them if I still lived in the San Fernando Valley, but I don’t, so I have to try to get them over to Denver to play a gig or two.

I guess it all depends on the geopolitical situation.

Enough of that crap.

What you have with Perfect Wig is 80’s L.A. Metal for the 21st Century.

Fallen Angels starts with someone scanning radio stations and then the fun begins as

Artur Agadzhanov gives the listener the classic L.A. vocals, reminiscent of  Faster Pussycat’s Taime
Down on the tune Hollywood.  , and it has a bit of a thrash sound to it, and Eugene

Troshin gives it that feel with his axe.  His dexterity on the solo is quick and deadly.

Hangover School has a bit of a 1950’s feel to it, which I dug.

No Time for Love might actually be my favorite tune on the EP, because it sounds a lot like
Metallica’s Seek and Destroy-I told Artur that.

It was literally the first thing that popped in my mind.

Whiskey Bus is another fun tune that could have been recorded in Reseda in 1987.  Once again,

Eugene Troshin gives the tune a guitar solo worthy of the tune’s feel.

Ivan Sadovnichy’s drumwork is kick ass on Million Days Party.  The two really cool things about that

this EP is that it ends the same way it began-channel surfing on the radio dial; just brings you back to

the beginning of the roller coaster and makes you want to listen to the EP again.

You can purchase this album on Amazon, GooglePlay, and i-Tunes.

Get this disc.  It really kicks ass.



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