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Another white pig has been found innocent of murdering another black man.  This time in St. Louis.

Why do you have to shoot someone five fucking times?

Conservatives will point to the high-speed chase.  However, that’s no excuse for the murder.  They will also agree with the Metropolitan Police Department’s position that the protest was “no longer peaceful” and that they should have been sent home.

I don’t think so.

It doesn’t matter whether the protest was peaceful or violent.  The truth of it is that the cops are simply tired of seeing black people walk the streets as free men and free women.  The white cops truly don’t like that.  In fact, white people in general truly don’t like that.
And they really don’t like it when blacks assert themselves by promising: “If you kill our kids, we will kill your economy.”

This columnist states that they should do exactly as they promised.

It’s time for whites in St. Louis to suffer as blacks have.  It’s time for the police to expend resources to the point at which they can no longer do so-until St. Louis is broke!

They shouldn’t stop at downtown.  They should spread carnage into the suburbs, where those of the white underbelly believe they are safe.  That’s the way to protest.

Take the most expensive homes, scare the living hell out of everyone until people reach the point where the whites finally admit that they need to change their attitudes with regard to others.

The funny thing is that I’m that 47-year-old white male who is supposed to be a conservative Republican by now.  However, the more I learn, the more I realize that only a fool votes Republican and only a fool wants law and order.

Take away justice, and your law and order will be gone before rush hour.

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An Eye For An Eye

You don’t seriously believe that, do you?
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The site probably looks like crap right now.   The reason for that is because I’m trying to rebuild it.

This isn’t free anymore, guys.  I may be a leftist, but even I eat.  That being stated, here are the prices.

Music Recording
0.25 USD


0.10 USD


0.30 USD


Video clip

0.15 USD

The recordings are a quarter because you get what you pay for.  I’m not Dimebag, okay?

The articles are fairly priced when you consider what a periodical, such as a newspaper or a Time magazine goes for.

The video clips are half that price because there are usually no words to go along with them.  The events are pretty much going to for themselves.  Warning:  I might actually get some really bitchin’ shit, and I won’t censor anything.  I don’t care how disgusting or disturbing it might possibly be.  I shoot what I shoot, and that’s it.  So, if your kid sees a human head rolling down the street as blood spurts out of the neck, that’s on you.

They have parental controls on computers and people should be mindful of the fact that Damien might be looking over your shoulder.

This is still going to be the same liberal website.  You’ll still get the story and the facts.  You’ll still be on the receiving end of my dark humor and funny-but-sickening analogies.  I will still tell it like it is.

The memes are a dime because how much fucking effort does it take to produce one of those?  They’re cheap and accessible-you know, like hookers.

This is a business now, but a fair one.  We all have to eat in this world and dead cats aren’t necessarily plentiful on a consistent basis, so I have to do it this way.  Besides, you kind of like my twisted sense of humor and my dark viewpoint.  You also like my solutions, because I write what you think, but don’t dare state in public.

What I write is also what I’ll say on the street.  Pigs don’t scare me and I actually get along with gang members, believe it or not.

Hey, even Frank Zappa had to charge for his music.  Thank God he never had to deal with Napster.  The ACLU and People for the American Way charge for membership, so it’s the same idea.

Liberalism means free access, but not necessarily for free.

Some might state that I’m actually undercharging, which might be true.  However, the information needs to get out there, so I encourage you to tell your friends about this site.

I am still looking for people to tell me their stories, and you can send them to:  Leave your name and all information pertaining to your situation so that either I or someone closer to you geographically can help you win your battle.

I thank you for your loyal readership and I hope to continue producing material that you find interesting.  One thing you could do is inform me of what you want to know about.  Again, you can send that to  I’ll research the issue and kick its ass as soon as I can.

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Uh-huh. Sure, Trump. Whatever.

Uh-huh.   Sure, Trump.  Whatever you fucking say.



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You Don’t Seriously Believe That, Do You?

You don’t seriously believe that, do you?

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