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Why They Distract You







Here we fucking go with yet another anti-Hillary Clinton story on the False News Channel (FOX).

This time, it has something to do with Matt Lauer and something about something else. I really didn’t care to read it past the first five words on the graphic because I have more important things to do than to sulk over right-wing propaganda.

It’s strange how many of the other news outlets report a little on what the Trump regime has done to this country over the course of the work day-especially since the American news media is one of the reasons why Trump is in power in the first place.

They sold Trump.

Conversely, it’s pretty clear that the news directors and the editors in chief hadn’t a clue that this Nazi would dictate to the American press what stories it could and could not report.

Do you realize just how fucked we’d be without the British media right now?


We wouldn’t know about the scope of the deals Trump made before the election, among other things, had it not been for the British media!


Then again, the British are much more sophisticated than we are.

The British are also trying to prevent WORLD WAR III, because they have become experts at recognizing a madman in power-and they see two of them right now, playing a game of Which One of Us Can Find His Penis First between the United States and North Korea, while Putin just bides his time-a very smart move on his part.

What do you on the American left do? You still blame Hillary Clinton for what you heard about her on RT!


You will never see how your vote for Jill Stein (another one with Russian ties-just like Trump) destroyed our country. You Stein voters and Berniebots aren’t bright enough to figure out that you curtailed your own civil rights by choosing “purity” over reality.

Stop blaming the Democratic Party for your misguided votes, put the bong down and help prevent World War III by working with the Democratic Party, but make no demands.

You see, the Democrats lost by double-digits when we tried your suggestions. The Democratic Party has to remain center-left.

You saw what voting far-left got you-a right-wing regime.


Humans don’t like quick changes-even if those changes are for their own good, so just leave well enough alone.

As for the first group of readers whom I addressed, ignore the Hillary bashing. The only reason why Trump wants to distract you with the latest anti-Hillary propaganda piece is because he wants to distract you while he devises another way to erode your civil liberties.


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