Okay, so with all the views I have received today, it’s obvious that I must have hit on something.

What did you like about what I produced today?

What do you want to see on this site, other than commentary on news events?  I would truly like to know, because it’s obvious that something clicked when nearly 100 clicks-and that means you liked something that you saw.  However, keep in mind that I will continue to mention civil rights for people with disabilities-especially since the conservatives want to repeal the Americans with Disabilities Act.  This is because I don’t want any child to experience the hell that I did for years with regard to a heartless society.

Keep in mind that most of the photos you see are ones that I shot myself.  I record all the guitar bits (as good or as crappy as they may be, as well as the video bits.  Remember that I am not Eddie Van Halen, Tony Iommi,  Ace Frehley, Bruce Kulick, Dimebag, Gary Holt, Kerry King, the late Jeff Hanneman, or Kirk Hammett.  I really do have severe brain damage and play as best as I can.  One of the reasons why I started to post recordings is to diversify the site.  I compose black and thrash metal.  What I really should do is resume the study of classical music so that I can be a much better musician.

No matter how old you are, you can always learn new things, master new abilities, and become a better axeman-and I know that from personal experience.

Please send your correspondence to freedomfortheoppressed@yahoo.com.  I would like people to write to me about any injustice they experience.  I have to use your name so that you can be helped either by myself or by someone who lives closer to you.  After all, we are our brother’s keeper.

Thank you.

Jim Rousch



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