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Conservatives and Their View on Traumatic Brain Injury



It’s so funny how conservatives just don’t understand traumatic brain injury.

Upon the publishing of Some of Us Have Lived With This Our Entire Lives.  So, Who Are You to Bitch? on Reddit, one person asked me if I, myself, wasn’t guilty of bitching.  I responded that there is a big difference between someone who drove over a bomb and decided that he can’t handle life anymore and someone who has dealt with it his entire life.

Even though it was in the psychology section of Reddit, I could tell that these people were not psychologists-or even psychology majors, for that matter.  They lacked understanding, compassion, and gave no benefit of doubt.  I knew they were full of crap because their ramblings were not those of psychology majors in a university.  These were average morons from off the street who thought they had something interesting to say.

The first thing a reader might ask is how could I possibly know that the respondent was a conservative.  A conservative always blames you for what happened, and never society-no matter how ignorant society is.

I could also tell that they were not of the profession because they didn’t use the terminology.  They also were not able to put themselves in my position.  I actually get the impression that Reddit is like Facebook-only worse.  With Facebook, you consider the source.  However, it seems that with Reddit, you have people in there who think they are authorities on certain subjects.

I knew I had to leave Reddit the moment I felt a hot rush, because I’m a nasty motherfucker when I deal with those who are proud of their ignorance.  I might come back.  I don’t know for sure.  However, should I decide to, I’ll just have to stick the post up there and leave, because I don’t put up with stupidity anymore.

It’s just not worth it.


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