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Who Says Heavy Metal Can’t Be Romantic? Besides It Got Me to Thinking…

I’m thinking of someone as I listen to All Night Long by Rainbow.

All Night Long is an upbeat tune that was on their 1979 release, Down To Earth, and sung by lead vocalist, Graham Bonnet, if you remember-and it’s also hitting me in the soul right now.

Rainbow, 1979-1980

I don’t expect things to go for a few years, as this has to grow like a plant.  However, she  is a fantastic person-and she was there for me last night when I needed her most.

Guess what, Chuckles?  This kind of has to do something with the previous article you read.

I had a horrible night last night, but when I finally levelled down to base, I began to think what she did for me.

My frontal lobes are shot to Hell, but the memory of her voice as I zoned out on electronic games on the i-Phone calmed me down.

This is a damn good woman who is worthy of waiting for.

Some of you have a little bit of an idea of who I am and what I am.

The only reason I’m not in a metal band today is because I never made it out of the garage.  I did a little bit of back-up for some recording sessions-nothing big, but I did do that at one time in my life.  It’s just funny and sad that I’m a much better guitarist today than when I originally played over thirty years ago.  The reason for that is because I have improved on my dexterity over the course of the time.

There has always the remote possibility that I might form another metal band at some time in the remote future, but other things take precedence-like this beautiful budding which I see before my calloused eyelids.

However, I digress.

Do you want to know what a damn good woman is?

She knows you’re crazy (women love insanity because it gives them a chance to practice their motherly instinct), but shrugs-because you’re a diabolical little joker, and you have your not-so-cute little ways.

She accepts your imperfections and patiently encourages you when you try to change out of love for her-not because she wants you to change, but because you love her enough to try to reverse years of bad behavior and nasty habits-after all, you just might be dealing with mother of your future children-that is, if you can retrieve that damn Ace of Spades from inside of your sleeve (thanks, Mr. Kilmister-wherever you are now)!

The man might be the skyscraper, but the lady is the steel from within.  The woman reinforces, sometimes redirects, and calms you with her kind words-and that’s needed.

We guys act first and make bail later.  A good woman is a bit wiser than that, as she reminds you that he’s not worth throwing in front of a car because she can either waste money on your bail or pay the electric bill- and in full for once.




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