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Leave It To Utah To Go After the Vulnerable

KMOV reported Tuesday that Stansbury High School in Utah now imposes fines on students who are tardy to class.

Now, wait just a minute, because this is a stupid idea.  Why?

What about the kids who have mobility problems?
What about kids who are bullied by bigger kids?

The principal, Gailynn Warr, claims, “We just want our kids to be in class.”


How is a $3 to $5 fine (source: KMOV) going to make a bullied kid want to go class, you idiot?

Red states (states which vote Republican) come up with the stupidest ideas which only punish the vulnerable in the end.  This is why no one should have any sympathy for a society which complains about violent teenagers who might be completely out of control in one way or another.

One of the problems with conservatives is that they assume that kids just want to misbehave.  Conservatives are not interested in delving into the issue because, well, they simply don’t have the intellect or the patience to do that.  It’s just much easier for a conservative to make a bad situation worse by assuming the worst about a person whom they refuse to understand.

Suppose that a kid with poor self-esteem has been caught being tardy to class, but the administrator doesn’t believe that he was bullied because this is chronic.  Suppose this kid has abusive parents who have threatened to beat him if he costs them another cent over these tardies.

What do you think is going to happen?

That’s right, the cops are going to have to cut the body down from the crossbeam in the garage-and then we’ll all hear how ‘it’s such a tragedy’ and how ‘he was a nice boy’ and the rest of the empty white middle-class verbiage.

After all the cum has dried from the porno scene, white middle-class conservatives are too stupid to be human because it never enters one of their puny brains that there just might be a valid reason for behavior which isn’t exactly of the norm or acceptable.






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