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Homeless After Doing the Right Thing

Kari needs help


Kari Brady is a very good friend of mine whom I have known since guitar class at Sylmar High School in 1986.

She is a huge Metallica and Type O Negative fan.

She is a master jeweller.

She is good with an axe-whether we’re talking about a B.C. Rich or a Craftsman from Sears Roebuck.

Kari has always been a very giving person-up to the point where it hurt.  Now, she has nowhere to go.  She took care of her father who has Alzheimer’s, as well as her stepmother, who had a severe stroke at the age of 47.

She has gone without while raising her own daughter and endured the worst that men have to offer.

Kari has sought work for months, but no one will hire her.  She struggles daily with intense pain, but cannot get medication for it. Neither her daughter nor her ex-husband will help her.  She not only feels alone in the world, she is physically alone in the world.

No shelter is available at this time for Kari, so she sleeps in her car; a gamble in itself in a city known for the act thereof: Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kari desperately wants to work and needs medical attention for her chronic ailments.

Notice that you do not see a payment section for this post.  That is because I have inserted a link for her support.  I, myself, want no compensation for this post.  It is imperative that Kari be helped as soon as possible, as she has not eaten in days and frequently faints for lack of nourishment.  Kari has also fallen asleep at the wheel of her car.

She also seeks employment and is willing to work.

Click Here To Help Kari

Kari Hawaii (1)
Kari in happier days

Kari as a mother.

The only thing this writer wants out of this article is the knowledge that Kari is eating and sleeping in a warm bed.  She needs a place to clean up and change so that she can go to a new job.

Kari’s past jobs include:

No one who has worked so hard and been a devoted wife and mother to others deserves this lot in life-especially after that person cared for their parents.

Kari feels no hope and has no options at this time.  All she asks for is a clean bed, food that isn’t spoiled, and a job to reclaim her place in society.

Please Help Kari Brady.

Again, here is the GoFundMe link.

Help Kari

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Leave It To Utah To Go After the Vulnerable

Source: Leave It To Utah To Go After the Vulnerable

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Leave It To Utah To Go After the Vulnerable

KMOV reported Tuesday that Stansbury High School in Utah now imposes fines on students who are tardy to class.

Now, wait just a minute, because this is a stupid idea.  Why?

What about the kids who have mobility problems?
What about kids who are bullied by bigger kids?

The principal, Gailynn Warr, claims, “We just want our kids to be in class.”


How is a $3 to $5 fine (source: KMOV) going to make a bullied kid want to go class, you idiot?

Red states (states which vote Republican) come up with the stupidest ideas which only punish the vulnerable in the end.  This is why no one should have any sympathy for a society which complains about violent teenagers who might be completely out of control in one way or another.

One of the problems with conservatives is that they assume that kids just want to misbehave.  Conservatives are not interested in delving into the issue because, well, they simply don’t have the intellect or the patience to do that.  It’s just much easier for a conservative to make a bad situation worse by assuming the worst about a person whom they refuse to understand.

Suppose that a kid with poor self-esteem has been caught being tardy to class, but the administrator doesn’t believe that he was bullied because this is chronic.  Suppose this kid has abusive parents who have threatened to beat him if he costs them another cent over these tardies.

What do you think is going to happen?

That’s right, the cops are going to have to cut the body down from the crossbeam in the garage-and then we’ll all hear how ‘it’s such a tragedy’ and how ‘he was a nice boy’ and the rest of the empty white middle-class verbiage.

After all the cum has dried from the porno scene, white middle-class conservatives are too stupid to be human because it never enters one of their puny brains that there just might be a valid reason for behavior which isn’t exactly of the norm or acceptable.





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Metal Head

Snapshot_2016712 (4)



That’s my gear from Orange County, California.

I couldn’t find a Peavey at Guitar Center in Irvine, California, so I got this, and I think it’s still in storage.  That Jackson is probably my favorite axe, and for an obvious reason.  I also have a Dean and a Fender.  The Dean looks like Ritchie Blackmore’s Fender Stratocaster.  I also have a Fender Gemini II acoustic, which I bought in 1986.

My best friend and I started a band in Los Angeles, California in 1985 and we would write long into the night, hitting the streets after 10 p.m.-and I have no idea how in the hell we pulled that off without getting busted, because we go to friends’ houses and go off on our bikes or skateboards to McDonald’s.  We would then play hacky sack in the street until one in the morning and go back to writing lyrics until around three in the morning.

The funny part is that I would wake up around 7:30 in the morning and take one of the axes.  It was at this point that I would be “asked” to take it outside, where I could perfect the tune he and I composed the night before, so I would be there with an old tape recorder and the axe.

It took me longer to learn songs because of the brain damage-and I hated it.  I felt stupid, but that wasn’t the case.  I just didn’t know how to learn for my situation.

I wish I had enough confidence to play leads, because I would have been a much more effective member of the band.   What really irritated the hell out of me was the fact that I
would forget chord changes which we had just written, and I felt stupid for it.   However, it was years later that I came to realize that I was never stupid; that I had a learning disability to overcome.

I went back to writing when the heavy metal thing didn’t come to fruition.

Of course, the other side of that $20 bill reads that I’d probably be dead by now by 25 had we been signed, and that’s because I have always been a person of extremes in every aspect of life.  It’s not something which I aim for.  It just works out that way.

It’s amazing that this brain damaged mess has played heavy metal for over thirty years, but this is why I have become so pissed off at parents of so-called “low-functioning” children-because I wasn’t supposed to amount to anything at all.

I’m a writer, a musician, and a general pain in the amygdala.

Someone has to be.

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Who Says Heavy Metal Can’t Be Romantic? Besides It Got Me to Thinking…

I’m thinking of someone as I listen to All Night Long by Rainbow.

All Night Long is an upbeat tune that was on their 1979 release, Down To Earth, and sung by lead vocalist, Graham Bonnet, if you remember-and it’s also hitting me in the soul right now.

Rainbow, 1979-1980

I don’t expect things to go for a few years, as this has to grow like a plant.  However, she  is a fantastic person-and she was there for me last night when I needed her most.

Guess what, Chuckles?  This kind of has to do something with the previous article you read.

I had a horrible night last night, but when I finally levelled down to base, I began to think what she did for me.

My frontal lobes are shot to Hell, but the memory of her voice as I zoned out on electronic games on the i-Phone calmed me down.

This is a damn good woman who is worthy of waiting for.

Some of you have a little bit of an idea of who I am and what I am.

The only reason I’m not in a metal band today is because I never made it out of the garage.  I did a little bit of back-up for some recording sessions-nothing big, but I did do that at one time in my life.  It’s just funny and sad that I’m a much better guitarist today than when I originally played over thirty years ago.  The reason for that is because I have improved on my dexterity over the course of the time.

There has always the remote possibility that I might form another metal band at some time in the remote future, but other things take precedence-like this beautiful budding which I see before my calloused eyelids.

However, I digress.

Do you want to know what a damn good woman is?

She knows you’re crazy (women love insanity because it gives them a chance to practice their motherly instinct), but shrugs-because you’re a diabolical little joker, and you have your not-so-cute little ways.

She accepts your imperfections and patiently encourages you when you try to change out of love for her-not because she wants you to change, but because you love her enough to try to reverse years of bad behavior and nasty habits-after all, you just might be dealing with mother of your future children-that is, if you can retrieve that damn Ace of Spades from inside of your sleeve (thanks, Mr. Kilmister-wherever you are now)!

The man might be the skyscraper, but the lady is the steel from within.  The woman reinforces, sometimes redirects, and calms you with her kind words-and that’s needed.

We guys act first and make bail later.  A good woman is a bit wiser than that, as she reminds you that he’s not worth throwing in front of a car because she can either waste money on your bail or pay the electric bill- and in full for once.



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