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America Is Further to the Left Than You Realize-And You Wouldn’t Want It Any Other Way!


what-is-the-worlds-dominant-political-ideology (1)  This is an interesting graphic which I found, and it seems to describe the United States more accurately than Americans realize.

According to this graphic, Americans, for all their whining about federal power, tend to be center-left.

Now, let’s take a close look at that for just one moment.

To be right-wing means that one wants a theocracy.

To be right-wing means that the CEO of McDonald’s can lie to you about what’s in a Big Mac-and you can’t sue him.

To be right-wing means that one wants little-to-no regulation regarding market forces, which would basically set us up for another 1929 or 2008.

To be right-wing means that McDonald’s could put dead horses in the feed and you would have no idea that you consumed horsemeat until the doctor diagnoses you with the fun disease, kuru.  You see, under right-wing philosophy, the federal government has no power over business entities, so the CEO can do whatever he wants to you.

What’s kuru, you ask?  Read this, because life with kuru is interesting-and fun!


Now, we Americans kind of like the silly idea that food should be safe to eat.  We also don’t want to get cancer from the water we drink, or find out that those Tylenol pills were really cyanide.

Finally, Americans like the idea they can go after a car company after their products killed a family member.

I’ll never own a Toyota, I’ll tell you that much.

Hence, we like the idea of government protections-whether we admit it or not.

This makes America, as hypocritical as it is, a center-left nation.

Americans like the idea of being paid time-and-a-half after eight hours.

Americans like their savings being protected so the banksters don’t run to some foreign country and live in cognito for the next twenty years.

Oh, and Americans came to realize that they fucked themselves with the 401K.  Now, they have to work longer than did their parents.

Meanwhile, this columnist just sits back and laugh at the fools.

Hence, just as admit that you didn’t know you were a liberal the entire time.  You love the government-and you wouldn’t want it any other way.



It’s okay.


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