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Here We Go AGAIN!










Here we go again.

Mr. Conservative and Conservative Post used identical headlines and exploited a picture from 2015 which has nothing to do with Black Lives Matter as a way to slander the organization with relation to relief efforts to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, according to Buzzfeed News.

Anyone who tries to sell you on the idea that a conservative is not a racist is a liar.  Period.  End of the podcast.

When you have conservatives who blame blacks for the problems which upper-middle class whites created and when you have Republicans voting in favor of decriminalizing vehicular manslaughter if a black man protests legally on the street, yeah…that’s racism.

That’s the Republican Party.
That’s conservatism.

What do you think would happen to me if I decided to hit some right-wing piece of crap with my Chrysler because he supports rapists by demonstrating against his ten-year-old victim’s right to choose in front of a Planned Parenthood facility?

That’s right.  I would serve a life term for vehicular homicide.

So, don’t tell me that conservatives aren’t racists filled with double standards like a bottle of Jack Daniel’s straight from the distillery.

They are.

Don’t tell me that conservatives aren’t theocratic fascists who would rather see a police state than two people of different melanin levels walking hand-in-hand.

And don’t you ever tell me that conservatives are all about the ‘rule of law’ because they are the ones who legalize the murderous act of hitting people with whom they disagree with Dodges.

What’s so funny is that conservatives throw that Bible in our faces and want to make Christianity (although they haven’t informed us as to which version) the nation’s official religion.  Well, doesn’t one of the Ten Commandments that they want on the grounds of our civic centers tell us all not to bear false witness against our neighbors?

That’s something they do every day.

That’s why those two right-wing (and let’s face it, white supremacist) publications I mentioned earlier exist in the first place.  The columnists there make their living by destroying the reputations of good people.  They make their living by defamation of good character.

Just ask Hillary Clinton and Harold Ford, Jr., who ran for the United States Senate in Tennessee.

Conservatives make their living by killing others through proxy and by indoctrinating racist ideology to their uneducated base.

Hm.  I wonder who did the same thing in Germany not so long ago.

Just remember that this Jesus Whom the conservatives want to force us to worship told Peter to put his sword away after Peter chopped Malchus’ ear off during the course of Christ’s arrest.  You will find that in John 18:10.



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