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Trump Says You Make Too Much Money!




Reuters reported Thursday evening that Mexico and Canada have elected to honor the North American Free Trade Agreement even if Donald Trump backs out of yet another treaty.

This treaty was engineered in 1993 by President Bill Clinton and many Republicans voted in favor of it.  In fact, I remember recording the final vote results on CNN when it happened.   The final tally was 234-200, and many Democrats were divided over the vote. Many Republicans voted for the treaty, so it’s ironic that a Republican wants to break it.

Which makes me wonder why-especially when this Republican shipped American jobs to  countries like Costa Rica, so that he could put workers in a sweatshop and pay them the wages of a slave.

Anyone with a brain knows that Donald Trump has no intention of creating high-paying American jobs.  In fact, he actually stated that American workers make too much!

He also said to American auto workers: “You make too much money.”

That being stated, anyone can see how stupid the American blue-collared worker truly is.

Donald Trump could tell them to put a rope around their necks and jump off of a stool-and the stupid sons of bitches will actually do it!  How do I know?  They voted for him-even after he told them that their wages were too high.

How can anyone sympathize with a group of white lower-class morons who vote against their own economic interests?  The next thing you know, they are going to wonder why they are homeless, and they won’t blame the Republican Party for their problems.  They will blame the American government in general.

This is the predictable pattern of which the white working class has engaged in since they voted for Richard Nixon.

The funniest thing of all is that they now wonder why they can’t retire as their parents (who voted for Roosevelt four times) did.  They still blame the Democrats for their problems-even though they voted for Nixon, Reagan, and both Bushes twice, as well as this jackball.

Do you think you make too much money?  Donald Trump does.  That being stated, do you think it’s a good idea to for vote for him in three years?





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