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Let Them Eat Tex-Mex

Texans have just got to some of the stupidest voters on the planet.

First, we already know that the white voters are racist as hell. Second, we are referring to part of the Bible Belt.

Hurricane Harvey wetfarts its way through the place. What’s more, not only does telecrook, Joel Osteen, refuse to act as Christ commands him by keeping the doors to his megachurch locked, but Melania comes to Texas in stilettos!

I mean, we all know that the bitch is the 21st Century’s version of Marie Antoinette…but stilettos? Really?

Aviator sunglasses. I wonder how much that set us back.

How could anyone have voted for this crap?

Texas is a realm of extremes.

It usually likes being its own country-until a catastrophe happens, anyway. That’s when Texas decides to become part of the United States of America for five minutes.

Texans claim to have great faith in God. Why do Texans feel the need to be armed in the Lord’s House?

I’m serious! Texans can legally pack heat in a church.

The biggest laugh comes when you realize that Joel Osteen and John Hagee are based in Texas.

Has anyone heard anything from Hagee? Please let me know if you do-and I don’t mean donations. I need to know if that tub of lard has opened his doors-and I want visual proof.

Isn’t it ironic that the “Godliest” states in our country are as cursed as ancient Egypt was after the Pharaoh refused to release the Jews from their 400-year captivity, while it’s just fun and games in Sin City and Hollywood, California?


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