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The Avoidable Crisis Trump Created; Let’s Get Our Priorities Straight!




Donald Trump has created a crisis in this country that didn’t exist until after he had stolen the 2016 election.

Don’t tell us that we need to get rid of Obamacare-because it works in those states which implement it.

Don’t tell us that we can’t afford to educate the next generation of engineers, because we can’t afford not to have engineers.

Don’t tell us we can afford tax cuts when our levees are breaking and our streets are in disrepair.

This is not the behavior of a superpower.

The last Republican who had half of a clue on this was Gerald Ford, who was willing to invest in our infrastructure and our education system.  The best “Republican” was Dwight D. Eisenhower, as he spent trillions of dollars (in today’s currency) on our infrastructure and our education system.

Why?  It was a matter of national security after the Russians beat us into space in 1957.

And neither one of these men advocated the stupid idea of school vouchers.  Both Eisenhower and Ford strongly believed in the American system of public education-which was once the best education system in the world.  What changed it all?

Ronald Reagan.

How do I know?

First, look at any Algebra book from the 1960’s and you’ll soon realize that the fucking book makes sense.  You won’t need a tutor when using an Algebra textbook that the engineers who put Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon used back when they were in high school.

They are so easy to understand that even you could score an A on an Algebra quiz.

Second, we didn’t have overcrowding in the classrooms, which really began in the early 1980s.

Third, everyone could read a sentence and tell you what it was about.

One can’t always blame the teachers because they also have to be surrogate parents during the 50 minutes in which the students are there.  Why?  Because you sons of bitches who fucked in the back of your Toyotas fifteen fucking years ago don’t pay any attention to your children and their problems.

Watch The Breakfast Club, because you fuckers are just as bad as your parents.

If we can afford a useless military that can’t tell friend from foe anymore, we can afford to give our own people free medical care-LIKE NORMAL COUNTRIES GIVE THEIR CITIZENS!

 Let’s face it….those dumbfucks haven’t been able to tell friend from foe since Vietnam.

My old man told me ALL ABOUT IT.

It’s time for Americans to assist our imperiled citizens and let the soldiers pay for their own shit. Maybe they’ll be more careful with those bullets.

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Disappointed, But Not Surprised



Kiss is my favorite heavy metal band-and always will be.  However, it’s quite disappointing to hear Gene Simmons’ words about how we feel about this madman who is in the White House.

Personally, I would think that he would be a little wiser, but I won’t go into the particulars.  Even in my disappointment, I will give Simmons credit for the way that he put it; subtly.  In Lincolnian terms, with malice toward none and charity toward all-but I still think he’s wrong on this one.

Simmons and Trump have been friends for a very long time, so it’s natural that Simmons would come to the Donald’s defense.  That’s what friends do.  However, one of the things I loved about Kiss is that they didn’t discuss politics-at least not until sixteen years ago.

Yeah, that changed everything.

At least he did vote for President Obama in 2008, and I know that he did because he admitted to doing so on the radio.  I heard him on KLOS back in the old days.

Do I feel crestfallen?  Sure!  However, I remember what he said in 1987 about hero worship; that it’s a dangerous thing.  Why?  Your heroes might ultimately disappoint you.  This can be found in his section of the Crazy, Crazy Nights tour program from the 1987-1988 tour.

Hence, Gene has disappointed me.  However, we all have family members who voted for this guy, so that’s kind of how I view this predicament.

I’ll still buy Kiss albums whenever they are released (let’s admit that they’re only going to record one or two more), but reading what he said just reminds me how sad reality can be sometimes-especially when you’re referring to a man who has made dreams come true.