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Republicans and the S.S. Trump (no pun intended)!

MSNBC reported Monday that Donald Trump sought a deal with Moscow to build a Trump Tower in the Russian capital.

The Washington Post went into more detail in confirming that a top executive from one of Trump’s real estate company had emailed the personal spokesman of Russian president, Vladimir Putin, as the 2016 U.S. presidential battle raged.

This is only going to make it harder for Trumpsters to defend their deplorable excuse for a president, although even the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz knows that this battle is already over.

If Republicans in Congress want to keep their 22-year-old personal secretaries, they are going to have to kick Donald Trump off the Titanic and let waves take him, or else they will just have to try to have sex with their ugly, dried-up, old wives for the rest of their hypocritical double lives.

What a dilemma, huh?

Republicans like to talk about values and they like to talk about morality, but at the end of the drug binge in the opium den, Republicans at any level of public office are as depraved as their wigged leader. Hence, they are seven dicks full of leaking, social diseased jail rape in the end, because defending Trump will make them traitors against the United States of America, as they went after alleged Communists in the United States for decades.

Worse yet, defending a serial adulterer doesn’t exactly align too well with the Christian fundamentalist agenda that they attempt to force upon the rest of us.

Don’t feel too sorry for these hypocrites, because they have brought this upon themselves.