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It’s Time To Get Rid of That Racist Name

3001655_SP_Redskins_3 Here we go with another American football season, and the same debate pops up again with regard to the Washington Redskin name.

Look, it’s a racist term, okay?  You know it, I know it.  It’s time to get rid of it.

While we can debate some names, this one is obvious.

Actually, I honestly want feedback from those involved with regard to this article.

Those names are probably not for me to state a view.  However, the term ‘Redskin’?


That one has to go.

Would you want to be referred to by the color of your skin?  It’s insulting!

Whites need to put themselves in the places of others before they say that others overreact, because after what whites did to the Indian nations after Wound Knee in 1890 was nothing short of criminal.

Those like the Apache were not allowed to speak their own language-until the white man saw how he could benefit from it during World War II.

Remember the Code Talkers?

Now that I think about it, I think I’m going to ask the American Civil Liberties Union about filing another lawsuit over that degrading name.

If any here who read this are of Native blood, please give me your feedback on this.  While my ancestors did come from Europe, I want to try to make things right in any way that I possibly can.


5 thoughts on “It’s Time To Get Rid of That Racist Name

  1. Interesting perspective; I understand your point. I grew up in Indian territory – as you call it nowadays, “Native American” territory, in Kansas, and I have an Indian name given to me by a Cherokee chieftain. But did you notice that you referred to Caucasians no less than three times in the article as “whites”? Personally, “Redskins” as the traditional name of a football team doesn’t bother me; and there is no such thing as “white” people – we’re pink, or tan, if it comes down to it; even Albinos are pale pink… Just sayin’. 😉

    1. I’m interested in their view on the issue. Some of these names, maybe. But Redskins has got to go.

    2. I can kind of see your point. Remember, however, they also refer to us as the white man.

      1. So why should it be an issue to refer to them as red? We could call them golden, or bronze; we’d still be using an adjective to describe a skin colour different than white…

      2. Your comment, by the way, proves the point I’m trying to make…

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