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5 thoughts on “It’s Time To Get Rid of That Racist Name

  1. Interesting perspective; I understand your point. I grew up in Indian territory – as you call it nowadays, “Native American” territory, in Kansas, and I have an Indian name given to me by a Cherokee chieftain. But did you notice that you referred to Caucasians no less than three times in the article as “whites”? Personally, “Redskins” as the traditional name of a football team doesn’t bother me; and there is no such thing as “white” people – we’re pink, or tan, if it comes down to it; even Albinos are pale pink… Just sayin’. 😉

      1. So why should it be an issue to refer to them as red? We could call them golden, or bronze; we’d still be using an adjective to describe a skin colour different than white…

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