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Let Me Show You Just How Ignorant We Are.

The following was recently released video by Occupy Democrats in which “the man on the street” asked those who walked along Hollywood’s Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California as per North Korea’s location in the world.

I closed my eyes and  nearly vomited, but the rest of you will either shake your heads or laugh hysterically-because it’s that bad.

And you wonder how we ended up with a reality TV star in the White House-after he lost the election by three million votes.

I laugh at idiots who willing go to quagmires and then complain about how the Veterans Administration screws them over (truth be known Republicans cut its budget consistently, but we all know that soldiers aren’t that smart).  It’s one thing if a nation has attacked us, but to start a war when your approval rating is in the toilet ultimately destroys your legacy.

It didn’t work for either of the Bushes and it won’t work for this asshole.

The scariest thing about the video which you just saw is that these braindead society of reality TV viewers could very well end up in some foxhole or in a prisoner of war camp.  And then what will they be thinking?

Should Trump go to war with North Korea in a pathetic effort to save himself, I’m still not going to give half a rat’s ass in Hell about these idiots when/if they return from the quagmire, and that is because if can pay attention to the news over the course of my lifetime, so could they.

By the way, how did learn where Korea was before I was even in kindergarten?


I loved that fucking show.


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