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I Don’t Fuck Around

I began playing music in 1981 because my mother wanted me to learn how to play piano.

Even though I hated every minute of every lesson, I now realize that I should have practiced for at least a couple of more years, because I would have been a much better guitar player. ┬áThe sad thing is that I played Beethoven’s 9th Symphony on piano without a single mistake at the age of eleven.

I started to play guitar in 1984 and have continued to play ever since, despite my brain damage. Furthermore, I owe my knowledge to my best friend who helped me defeat my physical weaknesses in forming chords as we composed our first tunes when we formed our band in Los Angeles, California, 1985.

Remember as you listen to this recording that I actually have severe brain damage which goes into the brain stem.

I don’t fuck around.

This piece was originally written in 2001 and rerecorded in 2016.

I don’t think I ever gave it a name.


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