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How to Reach Me

I get a lot of mail which asks me how people can get in touch with me.  Well, it’s really quite easy.

Jim Rousch

9804 Sanderling Way

Highlands Ranch, CO

To e-mail me about your unjust situation, write to:
I’m also mobile at any hour of the day.

(626) 487-8505

I answer all that I can and the best way for me to help you, or to have others who are closer by you assist you in acquiring social justice is to leave your name and contact information, as this site isn’t just about my apologies for the ravings of a syphilitic madman (who shall remain nameless, but you all know to whom I refer).

I mean, I didn’t vote for the wigged fucker.  I voted for the winner who was robbed and should be guiding my nation right now.  However, back to the matter at hand.  I remember feeling like no one gave a shit about me and how society was completely fucking me up.  That’s why I do this now.

Someone is looking for you and wants to help you in any way possible, and if that someone (myself) can’t help you directly, then the least that can be done is to spread the message so that someone nearby can do what I might not be able to do from Colorado.

Whatever answers I don’t have can usually be found in the back of a book (American school joke).  The tough part for me is to answer in a culturally acceptable manner-which is why I want to know where you’re from; so that I can learn about the customs in the region where you live and answer accordingly.  With regard to violating the American social structure, I don’t really give a flying fuck about that, because I’ve been the outcast since I was five-years-old.

Fuck it.

Do I know exactly what I’m doing? Well, was Ronald Reagan awake at the Cabinet meetings?

There’s your answer, sporto.

You see, unlike most Americans, I’m honest about my particular ignorance, and it’s my intention to learn your culture so that I can figure out how to bend the rules.  I always look for the loopholes so that I can do what I need to do without breaking the law.

It helps when you completed your psychology classes with mostly A’s and B’s.

Don’t be afraid to tell me your story and don’t be afraid to give your name.  I won’t condemn you.  I’m trying to help you.  Someone else might find you and help you in ways that I cannot.

It’s not that I’m necessarily a good person, per se.  It’s more that I know what it’s like to be left behind and I don’t want that to happen to someone else, because I know the personal destruction that follows.  Frankly, I think we’ve seen enough of that.


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مرحبا، الإمارات العربية المتحدة Hello, United Arab Emirates!

Source: مرحبا، الإمارات العربية المتحدة Hello, United Arab Emirates!

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مرحبا، الإمارات العربية المتحدة Hello, United Arab Emirates!

تخيل دهشتي عندما لاحظت أن شخصا ما في الإمارات العربية المتحدة كان ينظر إلى عملي.

لا بد لي من الاعتراف بأنني أشعر بالتواضع لأنني أدركت أن المزيد من الناس قد وجدوني، ويجب أن أقول لكم أنني أقف للأشخاص ذوي الإعاقة، ونبذ لأسباب خارجة عن إرادتهم.


للسجل، وتحذير، أنا لا أحب الأديان.


وتولد الأديان الجهل وتبدأ الحروب. فهي تسبب التحيز والبؤس. الشيء المضحك هو أننا نعبد نفس الله و نفس الأب، إبراهيم. أمهات: سارة وهاجر.


في الكتابة الخاصة بك بالنسبة لي، من فضلك قل لي ما يجري وما تحتاج إلى مساعدة مع. لا ينبغي أن يواجه أحد التمييز بسبب من هم: مثلي الجنس، على التوالي، ومزدوجي الميل الجنسي، ومغايري الهوية الجنسية، وسوء المعاملة، والاغتصاب.

أنا لا أعطي اللعنة ما حدث. يمكنك أن تقول لي قصتك حتى أن شخصا ما قد تكون قادرة على مساعدتك.




Imagine my surprise when I noticed that someone in United Arab Emirates looked at my work.

I must admit that I’m rather humbled to have realized that more people have found me and I must tell you that I stand for people who are disabled, ostracized for reasons beyond their control.


For the record, and to be warned, I don’t like religions.


Religions breed ignorance and start wars. They cause prejudice and misery. The funny thing is that we worship the same God and have the same father, Abraham; two mothers: Sarah and Hagar.


In your writing to me, please tell me what is going on and what you need help with. No one should face discrimination because of who they are: gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, abused, raped.

I don’t give a fuck what has happened. You can tell me your story so that someone might be able to help you out.

Jim Rousch

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Deplorables Are Destabilising the World By Unapologetically Supporting Donald Trump

I would like to apologise to the world for the situation that the more religious, less educated of our population have put everyone into.

Idiots are the reason why the United States is abandoning the Paris agreement.
Idiots are the reason why the United States is wasting money it doesn’t have on war preparation against North Korea.
Idiots are the reason why American leadership has collapsed.

You might want to know exactly who these idiots are, so you are about to find out.

These Trump supporters are generally Christian fundamentalists and white. They see a country in the midst of social changes that they hate; such as inclusion for people who have developmental disabilities and the legalisation of gay marriage.
They vote against their own economic interests because they are bigots and because they want to keep “their kind” out of the neighbourhood.

That phrase can refer to any specific minority, regardless of race, creed, or physical or mental disabilities.

Trumpzis tend to be less educated than liberals. These are the lowlifes who call truth “fake news” (a term popularised by Trump). What’s more, Pew Research found that Trump voters have a very low regard for college degrees. We saw this during the Renaissance in Europe, when the Church murdered scientists and as well as the free thinkers.

The same groups of terrorists who delayed growth in Europe half a millennium ago are trying to destabilise and destroy America today. How interesting it is that they bear false witness against others in their attempt to bring America back to God and how ironic that they use Christ as a weapon to humiliate the oppressed when He should be used as an instrument of compassion to the rape victim, rather than a gavel were she to get an abortion.

The lack of access to education leads to dictators like Donald Trump, and it is the uneducated who destroy the world around them whenever they fall for yet another cult of personality like Wigboy.

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One in a Million Snapshot at Guns N’ Roses Show

That was a lucky shot, too!

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