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Special Treatment for a Special Bastard

Martin Shrkreli is a an asshole who needs to be filled in about the facts of life, if you know what I mean.

This is the smug little bastard who charged $750 for one dose of a lifesaving pill, but it's difficult to understand why it took five days to convict the son of a bitch. The only speculation that I might think of is that he conned rich financiers from Texas, according to Time Magazine. The defence tried to flip the tables and had insisted that it was actually Shrkreli who was being manipulated by his backers.

This bastard even harassed his critics on Twitter to the point at which he was kicked off of it. His cat's name is Trashy, for God's sake (poor cat)!

For his part, Shrkreli takes no responsibility for capitalising off of the sick and desperate. He is reported to have said, according to the Time article, "They blame me for everything. They blame me for capitalism."

This is a sociopath who needs to be put out of society's misery. How anyone can force the parent of a terminally ill child to pay $750 for one pill is simply diabolically evil.

I don't know about you, but I hope he makes a special friend in prison; the kind of special friend who gives him an extra special and extra sticky gift that tends to stick around, if you'll pardon the expression, as assholes like Shrkreli deserve a certain kind of special treatment.

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Donald Trump Is A Traitor and 2020 Will Be Too Late

Let’s face it.  You know it, I know it.

Donald Trump is a traitor.

He made references to the Russians all through the 2016 presidential campaign as said it would be great if we got along with them and even planting seeds of doubt in the pint-sized brains of his inbred supporters with regard to Hillary Clinton.

What’s he done since he overthrew the American government?

Well, for one thing, he has badly wrecked our relationship with the Israelis-and Trump vowed to Jewish voters that he would support Israel.  How did Trump do this?  He leaked highly classified information to the Russians which the Israelis had given him, according to American Progress.  The Daily Beast wonders why Trump feels the need to bend over for Moscow.

Maybe it’s all of those business dealings he’s had through the course of time-like the sale of his Palm Beach mansion in 2008 to Russian fertilizer magnate, Dimitry Rybolovlev for more than twice what Trump paid for the property just four years prior.

Trump’s Red Business Ties

How interesting that that happened during the real estate crash, huh?

And while Trump only talks of reinstating the useless sanctions against Cuba, it turns out that he also wants to open a casino there.

Guess what?  Bloomberg reported on December 2, 2016 that Trump had looked into buying hotels there six months prior to the article’s publication, so it seems as if all of the old people who still vote Republican because they’re one propaganda war behind really fell for this traitor who wants to end Medicare and Medicaid.

Trump and Hotels in Cuba

Trump and Cuba

For the record, it makes no difference what we do in Cuba.  The embargo failed and President Obama did the right thing by talking to Raul Castro.  However, if one is going to reinstate a failed policy, one shouldn’t be conducting business there himself.

Or, does that make sense?

President Obama and Raul Castro

There’s also nothing wrong with the idea of getting along with Moscow, as Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev had a good rapport.  However, Reagan (at least to my knowledge) didn’t stand to make money from an improved relationship with the Soviets. He just traded arms for hostages and diverted the money from the sales thereof to the Nicaraguan Contras-which should have put him atop a gallows for treason.

The longer Trump stays in the Oval Office, the less likely the United States of America is going to remain a nation.  So, outside of impeachment….any ideas?

2020 will be too late.