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A Question For My Irish Audience With Regard To Learning Disabilities

I've noticed lately that a few people in Ireland seem to be interested in what I write about, so I would like to ask you this question.

What is Irish society's view toward students with learning disabilities?

Are these kids left behind in Ireland the way they are in America, and are they blamed for the situations in which they are forced into due to the stereotypes, which eventually lead to being shut out of the workplace and the middle class income which comes along with it?

Since studies demonstrate that children who have learning disabilities are more likely to be beaten in the classroom and suspended by administrators in the United States, is the same true in Ireland?

Do attitudes toward children with learning disabilities vary from region to region in Ireland?

That's the case in America, as children with learning disabilities are far more likely to be beaten by administrators and bullied by their peers in Republican states than they are in Democratic states. This is because Republicans believe in law and order at any price, while Democrats want to find out why certain behaviours occur before any retribution is dealt.

Guess what that means? It means that these kids are more likely to drop out of school and end up in the correctional system: prison-which is why I, personally, don't care one bit about any of the violent crime in America.

What do you do differently and how do you help students with special needs become productive adults? Americans don't have any clue about what to do with us, short of letting the police murder us in cold blood.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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I did it, America!

This columnist is well aware of the disapproval of foul verbiage in the white collar (white MALE) business world.  However, since America does nothing but screw people who struggle with developmental disabilities and learning disabilities, take the G-forces sevenfold, as those whom you try to destroy will ultimately decide your destiny.

The outcast can either become the saviour or the madman, and it really all depends upon whether or not someone pulls him out of the mudhole society threw him into, because society has destroyed that person's self-esteem to the point at which they have given up.

That's when those on the right make fun of them, call them lazy, and write them off as worthless.

Personal responsibility requires one to acquire an education and a form of employment which will support a middle class lifestyle, but mutual responsibility requires that we help those struggling with the completion of that task.

If Jesus and His disciples taught for free, society should also teach for free.   Those instructors live well, despite the fact that college is free In said nation's, so what we are really talking about is maintaining the pecking order, from which I was able to rise due to my compositions, musicianship, and singing ability by the time I was fifteen.

Did I get a record deal?  No, or I wouldn't be here.  I'd actually probably be dead-with various body parts strewn along the South San Diego Freeway somewhere between the Nordhoff and Roscoe exits; my mangled 1988 Chevy Corvette shattered and in flames.

What the hell?  That beats cancer.

Suck my dick and don't fuck with anyone who has a learning disability. I just might have to kick your ass.   I mean, I have already burned the American flag (which the 1989 Supreme Court decision, Texas v. Johnson confirms that I have a right to do), so it's not like anyone on the right can do anything about it.

Just treat everyone equally and there won't be a reason to burn American flags anymore.

That's an easy solution!

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We’re In Trouble-And I Know Whose Ass To Kick!

The American Fuhrur has named a general to replace Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff, which can only mean one thing: we’re in trouble, as we are now officially in a dictatorship.

Thanks to all of the Jill Stein idiots and the Berniebots. Thanks a whole bunch, as you made the vote just close enough for the Republicans to steal the election, yet you feel no responsibility for putting this nation in the debacle it’s currently in-and after President Barack Obama spent eight years cleaning a Republican mess brought about by your votes for Ralph Nader.

Now you hope that Bernie Sanders will be healthy enough to run for president in three years?

Are you fucking serious?!

Do you realise that that will only fill the courts with right-wing judges who will return all the power to the landowners, the banks, the corporations, and the police?

The United States of America has now become a police state because of your pipe dreams!

You figured that your vote wouldn’t matter; that there were enough people who would vote Democratic, so that you could vote your conscience, but you didn’t count on voter suppression, missing ballots, and “malfunctioning” machines, so now American democracy is dead because of you. Worse yet, you cowards still believe that we can solve this with a love train.

What General Kelly is going to do is anyone’s guess, because he’s certainly no Dwight D. Eisenhower-who actually governed to the left. The sickest thing of all is that you have no remorse for how you voted, and I know you will do it again. You see, I remember when the Republicans stole 2004, as well.

Your votes for Nader made everything just close enough to flip.

Go flip a Chevy Corvair. It’s the best way an independent can serve this country.