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Trump Says You Make Too Much Money!




Reuters reported Thursday evening that Mexico and Canada have elected to honor the North American Free Trade Agreement even if Donald Trump backs out of yet another treaty.

This treaty was engineered in 1993 by President Bill Clinton and many Republicans voted in favor of it.  In fact, I remember recording the final vote results on CNN when it happened.   The final tally was 234-200, and many Democrats were divided over the vote. Many Republicans voted for the treaty, so it’s ironic that a Republican wants to break it.

Which makes me wonder why-especially when this Republican shipped American jobs to  countries like Costa Rica, so that he could put workers in a sweatshop and pay them the wages of a slave.

Anyone with a brain knows that Donald Trump has no intention of creating high-paying American jobs.  In fact, he actually stated that American workers make too much!

He also said to American auto workers: “You make too much money.”

That being stated, anyone can see how stupid the American blue-collared worker truly is.

Donald Trump could tell them to put a rope around their necks and jump off of a stool-and the stupid sons of bitches will actually do it!  How do I know?  They voted for him-even after he told them that their wages were too high.

How can anyone sympathize with a group of white lower-class morons who vote against their own economic interests?  The next thing you know, they are going to wonder why they are homeless, and they won’t blame the Republican Party for their problems.  They will blame the American government in general.

This is the predictable pattern of which the white working class has engaged in since they voted for Richard Nixon.

The funniest thing of all is that they now wonder why they can’t retire as their parents (who voted for Roosevelt four times) did.  They still blame the Democrats for their problems-even though they voted for Nixon, Reagan, and both Bushes twice, as well as this jackball.

Do you think you make too much money?  Donald Trump does.  That being stated, do you think it’s a good idea to for vote for him in three years?




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Composing Again

I’m not a Bruce Kulick, Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, or even a Malcolm Young (before tragedy struck him), but I’m pretty damn good for someone with severe brain damage.

I’m composing again, after many years of not.

Why?  I suppose it’s because I need to.  I have to remain busy in one way or another, while I wait for the Master’s program at University of Phoenix to begin, and this little piece actually took roughly twenty minutes for me to get it nearly to how I wanted it to sound-at least from a structural viewpoint.   From an electronic viewpoint, the quality is almost as bad as a Panasonic tape recorder from 1984, but a small computer microphone is what you use when you have to sell used toilet paper on the poor side of town for gas money.

There are two challenges with in regards to composition.  The first is remembering the chord progression, since I have the short-term memory of a funnel, and the second is to remember how I wanted it to sound.

There are some things which go through my mind as I listen to this recording loop on my laptop.  The first is that this seems to have a raw 1970’s AC/DC sound-back when Bon Scott was still alive.  The second is that I’m really  surprised that I recorded this on the first take with almost no mistakes.

I don’t understand why the sound seems to cut out at :11 into the recording, because I didn’t move at all, but I guess I’ll figure it out eventually.

The equipment I used for this recording was a Fender Strat Squire, a Peavey Envoy 110 amplifier, and a DOD Hard Rock Distortion FX57, as my Jackson and my Fender acoustic are currently in storage in Irvine, California, along with my Boss DS-1, which I bought in 1985.

The Fender Strat Squire and Peavey Envoy 110 are what you will always hear until further notice whenever I decide to throw one of these recordings on this page.

You, the reader, are probably wondering why I decided to do this.  C’mon, man.  I can’t do all politics all the time.  Even someone like me has to mix it up a bit.  In addition, this is further proof that someone with a developmental disability can actually do something and be useful in the world.

Right, Crescent Hardy of Nevada?

Ah, let him burn in Hell.  He will soon enough, I’m quite certain.

Music Recording

People with developmental disabilities are more capable than you believe.



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The Los Angeles Rams







Old Rams helmet--_35  CLEVELAND_RAMS

It’s strange to have the Rams back in L.A.

Even though I’m currently in suburban Denver, I grew up with the Los Angeles Rams-not realizing that they originated from Cleveland and moved to L.A. in 1946 after they won the 1945 NFL championship.

That’s strange, because teams usually move after their fanbase ditches them.  These guys moved to Los Angeles not long after they won a world title.

They won another world title as the Los Angeles Rams in 1951, but then came the long drought.

The Rams either made the playoffs or were the laughing stock of the league-and I remember both extremes.

I remember when kids made fun of me in elementary school because I wore Los Angeles Rams’ jerseys; either Jack Youngblood’s 85 or Pat Haden’s 11.

I even got Pat Haden’s autograph when I was 10.

Longtime Los Angeles sportscaster, Fred Roggin, became an accidental commentator while in the course of being a sports anchor when he called the Rams ‘the Lambs’, but recovered beautifully when he said, “Well, they did play like lambs today.”

Hey, he told the truth on that one.

The Rams would either make it to a title game or they would finish near or in dead last, and it was no different when they moved to St. Louis in 1995, when they finished 7-9. The Rams finished 14-2 the season they won the Super Bowl-by one yard.  However, they were in quicksand by the time they decided to move back to the beach.

Even as I watch this preseason game against the Green Bay Packers, not much has changed.  They’re still the lovable losers-yeah, like I could actually do any better.


I may be in Denver.  But, like, I’m from the Valley, dude!

That being stated, I’m glad the Rams-however good or bad-are back in Los Angeles, and I record the games whenever I can.

I guess part of me is still that 10-year-old kid who put on that Rams helmet in my backyard and dove into the dirt as if I were a wide receiver or tight end for Los Angeles.

However, the Rams are currently down to Green Bay 14-3 at halftime.





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One Correct Way and the STUPID WAY to View A Solar Eclipse



One correct way to observe a            The STUPID WAY to observe a
solar eclipse.                                          solar eclipse.



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Conservatives Are the Terrorists In America



While a recent Fox “News” poll found that the majority of people in the United States of America view Donald Trump as a divider, Trump supporters claim that the American media is a bigger threat than white supremacists MSNBC reported Friday.

How ironic that is, since it was the members of the American news media which much ado about bullshit about Hillary Clinton’s alleged improprieties (which were later proven to be nothing more than a Republican witch hunt) and boosted the wigged Nazi every chance that they could so they could turn what should have been a Democratic blowout into a contest which Trump stole in the end.

Not only do Trump’s minions blame the right-wing American media for Donald Trump’s impotence , but they also claim that the American media is more dangerous than white supremacist organizations.

Now, that’s pretty far out there.

This is just more proof that the conservative movement in general and the Republican Party in particular has mastered its own reality-which none of us what to be part of.

As President Obama said in a recent speech, “They’ve (the Republican Party) been feeding their base all kinds of crazy for years.”

You are too kind, Mr. President, because decades is a more accurate term.

Joe McCarthy
Tricky Dick
Ronnie Reagan
Bob Dornan (remember that prick?)

The fact that conservatives are now willing to start a civil war to keep this American version of Adolf Hitler in power proves that there is nothing left in the conservative brain.

Every single right-wing talking point has been debunked, from Reaganomics, which shot our national debt into the trillions of dollars to the idea that a strong military means a strong America.

No, America needs the best public schools in the world in order to have the best military in the world.

Furthermore, not every infant is welcomed into this world, as the conservatives claim.  Get rid of the term illegitimate and put more money into social programs for single mothers.  That’s when we can reevaluate the issue.

We all know that these Fox viewers are trying to blackmail the country into theocratic fascism.  That’s bad enough, but it’s even worse when liberals keep telling me that we would be no better than conservatives if we suddenly began to beat the living crap out of these neo-Nazis in the street-like any normal human being would do to someone who is a racist piece of crap and a bastard who punishes a rape victim for her pregnancy-especially since they don’t like paying for prenatal care.

How “pro-life” of them.

Conservatives are not human, so stop treating them as if they are.

Do as I do.  Whenever one of these Alt-Right traitors threaten you, just look them squarely in their braindead eyes and answer:

“Bring it, you inbred fuck.”


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Let Them Eat Tex-Mex

Texans have just got to some of the stupidest voters on the planet.

First, we already know that the white voters are racist as hell. Second, we are referring to part of the Bible Belt.

Hurricane Harvey wetfarts its way through the place. What’s more, not only does telecrook, Joel Osteen, refuse to act as Christ commands him by keeping the doors to his megachurch locked, but Melania comes to Texas in stilettos!

I mean, we all know that the bitch is the 21st Century’s version of Marie Antoinette…but stilettos? Really?

Aviator sunglasses. I wonder how much that set us back.

How could anyone have voted for this crap?

Texas is a realm of extremes.

It usually likes being its own country-until a catastrophe happens, anyway. That’s when Texas decides to become part of the United States of America for five minutes.

Texans claim to have great faith in God. Why do Texans feel the need to be armed in the Lord’s House?

I’m serious! Texans can legally pack heat in a church.

The biggest laugh comes when you realize that Joel Osteen and John Hagee are based in Texas.

Has anyone heard anything from Hagee? Please let me know if you do-and I don’t mean donations. I need to know if that tub of lard has opened his doors-and I want visual proof.

Isn’t it ironic that the “Godliest” states in our country are as cursed as ancient Egypt was after the Pharaoh refused to release the Jews from their 400-year captivity, while it’s just fun and games in Sin City and Hollywood, California?

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They Wish They Hadn’t

Chuck Todd of NBC News asked a group of Trump voters on Wednesday for their view of his performance, and the answers were predictable:

“Crazy,” one answered.

“Narcissistic,” one concurred.

“Completely unfit to be president,” said a third respondent.


The third respondent, a man whom this writer would guess is in his mid-fifties, went into more detail.

“He is almost totally lacking in empathy,” he said. “He (Trump) cannot put himself in other people’s moccasins, whether it be racial, international, or socioeconomic.”

Hm. That’s what Hillary Clinton said over a year ago, you stupid twats! In fact, Trump is your average Republican!


Haven’t you ever noticed that the middle class comes down with economic syphilis practically every time a Republican gets into the Oval Office? That’s because the middle class gets fucked in the ass by tax cuts for the rich so that the rich will have an easier time of outsourcing what used to be your job.



The complaints with regard to his constant tweeting were mentioned, and these people who voted for this jackass wish that he would cut it out.

One Trump voter mentioned that he wishes Trump would educate himself, go to town, and start rolling in the direction that that particular voter had hoped he would go. However, mentioned voter also stated that it’s “not the seventh inning stretch.”

As for Trump with regard to tax reform, while he said he was committed to working with Congress in getting the job done, “I don’t want to be disappointed by Congress. Do you understand me?” Trump said at a rally.

The middle class hanged itself by voting for a billionaire who has made his money by moving American jobs offshore, and they bought the Republican lie that they couldn’t trust Hillary Clinton.

Those who are stupid enough to vote for a businessman-especially a corrupt businessman aren’t oppressed.

They’re just plain stupid.