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The Black President Didn’t Fail, You Wear White Sheets.

Tell Me Again How I Failed_n  And you might as well admit to that, too, because Donald Trump has taken this nation into the sewer ever since January.

It’s now so bad that Angela Merkel said that the world can no longer completely trust the United States.  Trumpzis, this is all on you.

We, the normal, understand that this was a kneejerk reaction for your having to deal with a black man being the most powerful man in the world for eight years, but he got Bin Laden.  W. let him go because the Bin Ladens and the Bushes are friends-everyone knows that.

Race relations have deteriorated to their worst levels in decades because of this Nazi who bragged about his German blood and called it ‘good stuff.’  The only challenge those of us on the left have is to shut down the pacifists who are still stuck in the 1960s, because you sons of cousins run away from me whenever I get ahold of you.

I don’t fuck around, and you have come to realize that in under thirty seconds.  Thus, you run-just like the cowards that you are.

Whatever the history books censor about Barack Obama is already in my files, so I will do whatever is necessary to preserve his legacy:

American auto industry alive-Bin Laden dead.
Homeownership boom.
One of the longest peacetime economic expansions in American history, with over 14 million jobs created.

Why couldn’t you get a high-paying job?  Oh, poor Jethro!  Had you gone to night school instead of banging Wanda Mae, you’d actually have enough money to drive a jalopy instead of that Radio Flyer wagon you use to drive to your place of employment at the family gas station.  However, seeing how you thought he was a Muslim (which, even if he were would still be okay-according to the Constitution), your life sucks worse now than it did under President Obama-and it’s about to get worse!  You fools think college is bad!

I’m sorry, but I only reserve my compassion for those who are down on their luck through no fault of their own, not for klansmen who voted for a white supremacist.
Barack Obama maintained America’s greatness, but if we fall….we’re coming after you Trump bastards.

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Don’t Help Those Who Vote Against Their Own Interests

This graphic, which was released by Yahoo News earlier this week, further demonstrates a serious disconnect between those who have a clue and those who are simply too stupid to deserve help from Washington, D.C.

It’s Trump’s approval ratings as ranked by state.

There are some interesting observations here, one of those being that Trump’s approval rating is 42 percent in Texas. While Texas is a reliably red state, according to The Texas Tribune’s story, written by Patrick Svitek, Trump took Texas the smallest margin for a Republican presidential candidate in two decades: 9 points.

One can only guess as to Trump’s numbers in Alaska. It could be the racial demographics, as whites outnumber American Indian or Alaska natives about 4:1. As for the rest of it, one can plainly see that he has high numbers in the stupid states, those forgotten places which have been condemned by time where you don’t admit to voting Democratic if you want to remain gainfully employed.

I would love to know why 60 percent of voters in the state of West Virginia, 59 percent of voters in North Dakota, and 58 percent of voters in South Dakota worship this thief-and then, there’s Mississippi, with a insane poverty rate of 22 percent (!

Many Democrats where I live tell me that we must be kind to those who have threatened us of late; that we should be kind to these Alt-Right idiots who consistently vote against their own interests-which might make for good strategy: that is, if you’re suicidal.

I have been told that we must help these people who hate us see that voting Republican has impoverished them, rather than empowered them.

No, these idiots vote Republican because the Republican Party justifies their bigotry. I’m sorry, but I see a bigot, I remind it of where Adam and Eve originated, I remind it that it worships a rabbi every Sunday, and then…I knock it into a wall.

Go ahead and say it out loud. I don’t mind, because it’s true! That’s what I am, and I’m damned proud of it. That’s what one has to be when one defends the developmentally disabled and the immigrant against someone whom you would think values the few teeth he has left.

Then again, you did read my article on how these lowlifes devalue education. So, there’s your answer, sport.

Fuck ’em.