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Welcome Ireland 

Thank you for finding my page and I hope you stick around.

I didn’t vote for Wigboy, as you can tell, and I hate what he is doing-both to this nation and the entire world.

Contrary to what that bastard says, Americans are not acquiring wealth because of his agenda.  

Remember that Carrier factory he visited?

Those jobs are now going to Mexico.  

He wants to take health care away from Americans.

He wants to start a war with North Korea.

He’s destroying a wildlife refuge so that he can build his stupid wall along the Mexican border.  The problem is that walls don’t work.  China, Berlin…

The funny thing is that he lost the popular vote-which is why he’s created this commission of his.

He wants to disenfranchise voters.

I write about injustice and I specialize in people who have developmental disabilities, as I have gone through it.  While I might not have the answer, someone closer to you might.

That’s the idea.

You can reach me below or at

Thank you.


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