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I Received Something Special Today

I received something special today.  It was a message-and that was all I needed today.

I had a lot of problems to deal with today, but when it’s all under the bridge, that message is what really made my Sunday.

Comparative value is the idea that you compare one experience with another, and while I had one horrible experience today, which led to a domino effect, that message I received has made my day again-and everytime I look at it.

A friend of mine who has long since checked out off this plane of existence first introduced me to the idea of comparative value-which he said I lacked.

I didn’t understand what Richard meant when he told me about this concept in 1992, but I understand it now-25 years later.  Given two experiences in a single day, I can choose the message that made me smile or the conflict that I experienced later.

It’s a little more difficult for someone like myself to discern off the bat, due to the brain damage.  However, as the night dawns and as I look at that message, the smile comes to my face and I am reminded of this choice.

I choose the message because she took the time out of her day to do it.  I know she’s busy-which makes it extra special to me.  It’s a treat-better than a trip to the ice cream parlor.

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