Liberals like Elizabeth Warren continue to ask why working class voters vote against their own interests by voting for a political party that wants to take their health care away and give all the money to the wealthy.

Here is one of the reasons why working class Republicans are simply too stupid to occupy a voting booth. Don’t help them. Don’t waste your time trying to educate them. I quit that years ago.

The conservative brain is, in essence, riddled with defects-with the amygdala being the best example of this. They are always looking for the next threat.
I went to school for this, remember? I also got As and Bs in my psychology courses-as well as a 99.5 in Abnormal Psychology.
There is no sense of logic with them, so let them suffer the full consequences for their stupidity. The reason why they are stupid rather than only ignorant is because ignorant people never had access to the information and stupid people believe MSNBC is fake news.
Our compassion should only be reserved for the ones whom they hurt, not for them. Let’s see how many of them are strong swimmers when the next levee breaks since the voters rejected the 2 cent tax in November.


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