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It Is Unwise For Police To Go To War Against Real Americans

I laugh whenever someone defends police brutality because it exposes them as a bigot in some form; be it racial or against people with disabilities.

You have seen some of my articles with regard to this subject, but some cop who thought he was Harry Callahan tried to knock me down a notch in cyberspace this morning.  If God the Father can’t do that, I have no idea what made this cop think he could.

Look at this story.

Here is the pig’s response to my statement.

I have been a police officer for 26 years…..and there is no database that tells any cop that someone is autistic. Jim Rousch, you sir, are a clown.

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· July 9 at 4:22am

Someone responded in my defense, and I thank her for it:

M F actually my friend is a Police officer and we have a mentally ill neighbor.. and it is in the “system” of his condition. Heard it said over the scanner with my own ears and our friend confirmed it is documented!

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· July 9 at 5:35am · Edited

M.F. you are the fucking clown. That badge you hide behind renders your opinion worthless.

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· July 9 at 11:02am

You are a liar, because I helped set it up when it was proposed.

Fuck off, Nazi pig.

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· 3 hrs

The truth of the matter is that cops are not normal.  They are violent terrorists who have become even more emboldened by the racist, Jeff Sessions, who seeks to destroy lawsuits against excessive force.

If the police want our support, then they need to stop treating us like we’re criminals.  We are innocent until proven (not planted) guilty, and there is no reason for any real American to mourn the death of a cop because it certainly seems as if they all stick together.  After all, if there were actually good police officers who do their jobs honorably, you wouldn’t see all of these jury awards for excessive force, you wouldn’t see these convictions being overturned, and you certainly wouldn’t have as many dead police officers, because they started a war that they cannot win.

Does the name Custer mean anything to you?

It would not be wise for American police to go to war against us.  They are outgunned, outmanned, and most of all, outwitted.

In addition, we have the Bill of Rights, so let this member of the American Civil Liberties Union give you piglets a friendly word of advice:

Don’t fuck with me, Trumpzi.


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